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Cardboard Recycling Service

At Plastic Expert, we can offer you great rebates for all of your paper and cardboard waste. Offering local recycling in Northampton and nationally, we help businesses across the UK manage their cardboard recycling through regular collections. We can also provide cardboard balers to help you store the materials and allow them to become more profitable.
The waste collected should be at a 4 tonne minimum, and either baled or flat-packed on pallets.

Which Cardboard products Can Be recycled?

Cardboard items that can be recycled often include cardboard packaging such as corrugated cardboard boxes, confidential waste like sheets of paper documents, and shredded paper. This waste can then be transported to recycling facilities for repurposing into new products.

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How Is Cardboard Recycled?

The cardboard recycling process typically begins with the collection of waste cardboard from businesses. The collected cardboard is then transported to a recycling plant where it undergoes a series of steps.
The first step in the process is sorting the cardboard into different grades based on its quality and thickness. The paper mill can then mix the waste with water and chemicals in order to shred it down. This is then shredded and heated to reduce the paste to a pulp. The pulp is then passed through cleaning equipment to remove contaminated items.

The Cardboard recycling Process:

The Benefits Of Paper And Cardboard Recycling

There are many advantages to having your waste cardboard recycled:
Saving Raw Resources: Recycling cardboard means that fewer trees need to be felled to feed our ever-growing need for packaging. It takes approximately 12 trees to create one tonne of paper for newspapers.
Conserving Energy: Recycling cardboard and paper saves huge amounts of energy from being used during the production of these materials.
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: By reducing the amount of waste that ends up at incineration facilities and sometimes landfills, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Cardboard releases methane gas as the material is broken down.


This garden centre saved over £5000 per year and reduced their environmental impact by recycling their cardboard waste with us.

How To Recycle Cardboard Waste As a business

As a business, the best way to recycle bulk loads of cardboard waste is by working with a waste management company. If your business does not already have a baler, this is usually essential in receiving the best possible rebate for your waste materials. This equipment helps you store cardboard and paper appropriately for collections.
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Where Do We Recycle Cardboard?

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If you are interested in finding a cardboard recycling service for your business, call our dedicated account management team today. We will work with you on the best course of action for the sale of your cardboard bales. This will create a cost-effective solution for your business, save space on site, and reduce waste in both incineration and landfill.

We can organise a collection service for large quantities of recyclable materials at a time that suits you. Our team provides a quick turnaround for cardboard disposal whether that be from manufacturing, retail, school, or office waste.

Please note, we do not provide recycling services for household waste. Please check with your local council for your cardboard collection day, or transport to a domestic recycling centre.


Do you collect cardboard which isn't baled?

We collect cardboard that is either baled or palletised. If your cardboard is loose, we also supply cardboard balers to help you compact your waste into bales for our collections.


We can offer great rebates for large volumes of high-quality cardboard waste. Please let our team know your quantity when getting in touch.

Can I mix cardboard and paper recycling?

Yes, you can mix cardboard and paper recycling. We collect these materials in bulk loads for businesses nationwide.

What should I do before I recycle cardboard?

You should ensure that your cardboard waste is kept dry, clean and not contaminated. This ensures it can be recycled into new products.

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