Cardboard Recycling

What is cardboard recycling?

Cardboard is the name given to a paper-based product, which is specifically designed to be strong and sturdy. It is a much more durable and thicker version of ordinary paper. Types of cardboard include moving boxes, egg cartons, the cardboard packaging material used to house appliances before they are bought, shoe boxes, and cereal boxes. Cardboard is a completely recyclable material. Homes, small and large businesses alike can recycle cardboards to help cut CO2 emissions, as part of a wider green initiative. Cardboard recycling is the process of taking old cardboard that has been discarded or thrown away as waste.


Cardboard recycling companies follow this basic process:

  • Recycling Collection – this is exactly what it sounds like. All the cardboard waste is collected, some of which will be disregarded on the spot depending on how it was manufactured. However, the majority will be taken to the recycling plant.
  • Sorting – at the recycling plant, the cardboard will be sorted according to the materials they are made out of. They are usually grouped into corrugated, such as a cardboard box, and boxboards which is the thinner cardboard that is used to make cereal boxes for instance.
  • Shredding and pulping – the sorted cardboard goes through a machine to break down the paper cardboard into very small pieces. Then it is pulped by being mixed with water and chemicals to produce a slurry substance.
  • Filtering – the substance is then filtered to remove anything that should not be in the final product, such as glue and tape, metals, such as staples. It also goes through a process of de-inking. This is basically a process of cleaning.
  • Final phase for reuse – the filtered and cleaned pulp is then mixed with new production material. The whole lot is then put through a machine that presses it and dries it out.


What are the advantages of cardboard recycling?

There are many advantages to having your cardboard recycled:

  • The environmental factor – recycling high volumes of cardboard means that there is far less waste sent to landfill. Recycling cardboard means that fewer trees need to be felled to feed our ever-growing need for packaging.
  • The renewable factor – when the cardboard goes through the final phase of the recycling process, wood chips from birch and pine trees are added. These trees are much faster growing than hardwood trees. In addition, they can be grown in various climates meaning that they can be planted in specific locations, managed and cut quickly for the recycling programme. It does not take long to replace them, creating a closed loop of recycling.
  • Energy is saved – in a world whose demand for energy is ever-increasing if there is a way to save energy, it is priceless.
  • Job creation – the whole recycling programme has created a new industry in waste management services. There are jobs at all levels from research and development, to transportation, to factory workers.

What do we at Plastic Expert offer?

At Plastic Expert, we offer a great cardboard recycling service to our customers. We purchase cardboard bales from a range of different companies across the UK, and we supply them directly to paper mills in the UK and Europe. We also supply Chinese paper mills, using a deep-sea container export service. Cardboard is an extremely popular product, and for that reason, it is the highest volume waste packaging product that we recycle. Paper mills across the UK and the continent are in constant demand for the waste cardboard material we offer. At Plastic Expert, we have extensive negotiation experience and buying power, meaning that we are able to provide our customers with excellent cardboard recycling rates and reliable payment terms.

Plastic Expert can supply the following grade cardboard material to all our UK, European, and Chinese markets:

  • OCC or Old Corrugated Cardboard
  • Mixed paper and forty mix
  • Paper reels and redundant stock
  • Office paper

Our company also offers the following:

  • Mixed loads – this means that we will load your cardboard bales up with your plastic material. Saving storage space and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.
  • We can provide a full audit trail and paperwork of the whole process.

We promise to provide our customers with a dedicated account manager. This will be your go-to person and they will deal with the purchase of your cardboard and paper bales, and they will personally see through the recycling process from beginning to end making sure there are no glitches, and resolving any issues immediately as they arise. This means we offer you peace of mind, and you will be able to contact a designated person at any point. This makes the whole process much smoother for you, as we understand that when you pay for a service, you want all the care as standard.

If you are interested in our service, please call one of our dedicated account managers today. One of our polite and friendly team will have a discussion with you to understand your needs. We will work together with you, and work out the best course of action with regards to the sales of your cardboard bales. Our guarantee to you is that we promise to provide a quick turnaround. You will be provided with expert advice to ensure that all the environmental aspects are taken care of. So, why wait, call Plastic Expert today on 0845 366 9306 to get all your cardboard needs sorted.

What We Bulk Purchase

  • Agri Film Recycling

    We can collect & recycle most types of agricultural film including crop cover & silage wrap.

  • Polytunnel

    Polytunnel can be collected in bales or bulker loads, depending on location & loading weight.

  • HDPE Canisters

    We can collect triple rinsed & baled HDPE canisters/bottles along with other materials.

  • Cardboard Recycling

    Redundant cardboard can be collected in bales, minimum weight applies, depending on the location.

  • Packaging Recycling

    Various types of plastic packaging can be recycled through our company including shrink wrap.

  • Piping & irrigation material

    HDPE & LDPE piping material can be collected in bales or bulker loads depending in on the weight.

How it works

  • 1
    Call or email us

    Please provide our team with some information about the types of material your company is looking to dispose of. We require photos and approximate volumes/weight to assess to the commercial aspect of each collection.

  • 2
    Dedicated point of contact

    One of our team will be in contact to discuss options and pricing, we can also provide an entire range of compaction/baling equipment if required.

  • 3
    Collection of material

    Once we've agreed on pricing, a dedicated account manager will deal with the collection of material and necessary paperwork to ensure environmental compliance.

  • 4
    Post collection paperwork

    After the collection, your company will receive weight confirmaton and corresponding invoices/purchase order. We'll also provide a recycling report and ongoing support.

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