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Cardboard Recycling Brighton Service

Our cardboard recycling service in Brighton is not only efficient but highly cost-effective. At Plastic Expert, we can offer great rebates for recyclable materials. If your cardboard waste is above 4 tonnes and baled or stacked on pallets, our service is perfect for you.
The team will collect the cardboard materials at a time suited to you, and have them cleared away in no time. This means you can dispose of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner whilst creating an organised workplace.
Cardboard Bales Recycling

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What Can We Recycle?

Cardboard Recycling

Redundant cardboard can be collected in bales, minimum weight applies, depending on the location. The material must be baled prior to collection, we supply balers on request.

Paper Recycling

Our company buys end of life magazines, newspapers, books, catalogs plus redundant paper stock. We also buy mixed paper bales and collect nationwide depending on volume.

LDPE Recycling

At Plastic Expert we collect and recycle vast amounts of LDPE each month. This material is found in products such as bags, film and sacks.

HDPE Recycling

HDPE is a rigid, strong plastic found in piping and containers. We can collect baled plastic waste and offer rebates for your HDPE.

EPS (Polystyrene)

Polystyrene can be collected if it’s compressed using an EPS machine. This allows the material to be compacted for transport. We can supply polystyrene compaction machines.

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The cardboard recycling service in Brighton offers a professional collection in any part of Brighton or Hove. Once our team has collected your baled cardboard, they will transport it to our licensed facilities. Here, the waste will enter the recycling process. Cardboard can be recycled into a range of products such as packaging, boxes, writing paper and paperboard.
Please note, we do not providing recycling services for household waste such as cans, plastic bottles and jars. To dispose of this waste correctly, use your local recycling points or recycling box collection days. Make sure to segregate waste appropriately between your recycling bins such as the green and black box for further repurposing.

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