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Plastic Waste Diverted from Incineration for Re-use and Reforming for manufacturing

Plastic Expert’s success year on year over the past 10 years has been largely credited to our devotion in seeing plastic waste primarily diverted from Incineration and secondly diverted from landfill.
As of 2022 the UK has 53 operational waste to energy plants with planning consents for more being granted each year.
Waste Plastic has such a high and reliable calorific rate of burn that it is an extremely popular waste stream to divert into these incinerators for the production of energy.
We have worked with many organisations over the years to divert increasing volumes of domestic and commercial waste plastic from incineration to be re-purposed through highly efficient recycling processes.

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The majority of Plastic waste that we collect from sites all over the UK is put into expert recycling partners facilities, where it is cleaned, sorted, size reduced and treated so that it can be pulverised and re-used in various manufacturing processes.
Our steadfast commitment to diversion of plastic waste from incineration and landfill whilst small in the grand scheme of the UK’s waste tonnage per year; has meant that we have intentionally sought to reduce CO2 emissions for the UK.
Plastic production is derived from crude oil and globally accounts for up to 10% of all oil produced. The manufacturing of packaging plastic is set to increase by 200% by 2050. The Co2 emissions for the production of plastic are directly linked to the oil industry.
Our mission is to continue to divert as much of this valuable waste stream as possible from incineration, so that it can be re-formed by recycling and play a crucial part in a circular system that can help reduce and or offset C02 emissions in its production.

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