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Cardboard Recycling For Businesses In Dudley

Looking for efficient paper and cardboard recycling services in Dudley? If your business is on the hunt for a quick service to recycle cardboard boxes, packaging, sheets or various other products, then our recycling services are just what you are looking for.
Cardboard is one of the easiest things to recycle and as long as you keep it dry and clean it can be quickly recycled several times. This is not only good for your environment but it is also cost-effective for your business.
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The Cardboad Recycling Process

Once we collect your cardboard and transport it to licensed recycling facilities, the material will be shredded, mixed with water and pulped. The pulp is then filtered and any unwanted materials such as staples or tapes are removed. Water is then added and it is rolled and dried. This makes it possible to be repurposed into new products. With a few simple steps, your cardboard waste is reusable!

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The Benefits of Recycling Cardboard for Your Business

The benefits of having a recycling program for your business are many. Making this decision to recycle your cardboard is one of the best investments you can make in your business and the environment. Here is a rundown of what you gain.

Help Reduce Waste

When you recycle cardboard it is beneficial for reducing waste. If your business can successfully reduce landfill waste then you are helping to save the environment. Also, if you’re looking to make your business eco-friendly then this is a great and simple way to start.

Save Money

Recycling can significantly increase the amount of money you save on waste management costs. Our cardboard recycling service provides you with a compactor so that you can adequately store cardboard.

Gain New Customers

Sustaining the environment has gained in popularity over the last few years. When your company becomes known for its recycling efforts, you will gain new customers who admire your business for making recycling a priority.
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Recycle With Us

Our team is highly flexible and can collect your waste at a time that suits your schedule. We even offer rebates for large bulk loads of cardboard waste. Our company understands that often the problem with waste is storage, this is why we are able to provide you with cardboard balers to make the process easier.
Recycling is an amazing way for your business to help sustain the environment. If you’re looking for an easy way to recycle cardboard for your business then why not recycle with us.  Give us a call today and we will discuss your cardboard recycling needs with you. We offer competitive rates for businesses and can offer a long-term solution to your cardboard recycling needs.
Please note, we do not provide recycling bags or services for household waste. Please use your household waste recycling centre or local collection from Dudley council to recycle this waste sustainably.

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