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We recycle most types of ABS plastic which includes redundant containers, casing from electrical components and other items commonly used in UK manufacturing. ABS, also known as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a polymer that is composed of three different monomers. These components are acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. The overall property of ABS plastic depends on the constituent proportion of the monomers.

How our ABS plastic recycling process works

In order to drive commercial and environmental efficiencies, we usually require a minimum of 4 tonnes of scrap ABS plastic. This material should be free from contaminants such as metal screws, rivets, and non-ABS plastic material. Depending on the weight & volume of materials, we can collect the waste ABS plastic if the material is stacked in pallets, stored in stillages/boxes or compacted using a baler.
Once the scrap ABS plastic has been collected using our network of haulage partners, the material is processed at a fully licensed recycling facility. Initially, the material is inspected for quality and also weighed to ensure accurate environmental reporting.
The next stage of the recycling process for ABS is where the material is shredded and eventually passed through a granulator. Here, the material is then used within the injection moulding process.
ABS plastic recycling

What We Bulk Purchase

PVC Recycling

We can collect & recycle most types of PVC guttering & downpipe proving the material is baled before collection.

Packaging Recycling

Various types of plastic packaging can be recycled through our company including shrink wrap.

HDPE Canisters

We can collect triple rinsed & baled HDPE canisters/bottles along with other materials.

Cardboard Recycling

Redundant cardboard can be collected in bales, minimum weight applies, depending on the location.

Piping & irrigation material

HDPE & LDPE piping material can be collected in bales or bulker loads depending in on the weight.

Rigid Plastic Recycling

We recycle most types of rigid plastic material such as HDPE & PP providing the material is baled.

is abs plastic recyclable?

Yes, ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is recyclable. It is commonly used in products such as toys, appliances, and automotive parts. It is a thermoplastic polymer, which means it can be melted and reshaped multiple times without losing its properties.

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How Our Services Work

Please provide our team with some information about the types of material your company is looking to dispose of. We require photos and approximate volumes/weight to assess to the commercial aspect of each collection.
One of our team will be in contact to discuss options and pricing, we can also provide an entire range of compaction/baling equipment if required.
Once we’ve agreed on pricing, a dedicated account manager will deal with the collection of material and necessary paperwork to ensure environmental compliance.
After the collection, your company will receive weight confirmation and corresponding invoices/purchase order. We’ll also provide a recycling report and ongoing support.

ABS Plastic Properties

ABS is a widely used plastic material notable for its robustness and versatility. Through our ABS material recycling services, our company aims to bring countless benefits to both industry and the environment.
ABS is heavily utilised in various industries because of its high-impact resistance and ability to withstand tough conditions. From automotive parts to products produced through injection molding, the potential applications of ABS are nearly limitless.

The benefits of recycling ABS

Recycling ABS reduces the need for virgin plastic production, thus conserving valuable non-renewable resources, reducing energy consumption, and cutting down greenhouse gas emissions. From an economic standpoint, ABS recycling also encourages sustainable business practices and creates opportunities for economic growth within the recycling industry.

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