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We Recycle Cardboard Waste In The Oxford Area

Cardboard Recycling in Oxford

Our cardboard recycling service in Oxford pays for cardboard from a wide variety of businesses. Our customers are saving vast amounts of money and earning new profits by employing our waste cost reduction system. 
Please note, we do not provide services for household waste. Please use the Oxfordshire council collections, or transport waste to household waste recycling centres. You can also use the councils Waste Wizard tool to find out how you can reuse and recycle various types of waste.
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What Can We Recycle?

Cardboard Recycling

Redundant cardboard can be collected at a 4 tonne minimum. The waste must be baled or stacked on pallets prior to collections.

Paper Recycling

Our business recycles bulk loads of paper waste. This includes books, documents, newspapers and more.

EPS (Polystyrene)

Polystyrene can be collected if it’s compressed using an EPS machine. This allows the material to be compacted for transport. We can supply polystyrene compaction machines.

HDPE Recycling

We specialise in recycling HDPE waste. HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene. This material is both lightweight and strong.

LDPE Recycling

LDPE is often found in squeeze bottles, wraps, bags and films. Our team diverts huge amounts of this waste each month from landfills.


How much money can I save my business?

Firstly, give us a call so that we can work out exactly how much money there is to be saved on your waste disposal costs. Every customer will receive a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis, including a strong indication of how much we can pay for your waste cardboard. There’s not just money to be saved though, we can also cut your carbon footprint and landfill use too. Our cardboard recycling service is proven to re-invent how you see your waste.

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Where Do We collect From?

We can collect from anywhere in Oxford or the Oxfordshire area using our approved collection and haulage partners. All collected material is taken to a local licensed waste and recycling facility to reduce the carbon footprint of every collection. Unlike some other recycling companies, our waste management team know exactly where our material is going next, making sure it is professionally cared for.

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