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We Recycle Cardboard Waste In The Liverpool Area

Cardboard Recycling in Liverpool

We offer waste collections recycle cardboard in Liverpool from a variety of businesses. Our Liverpool customers have made considerable cost savings, whilst acting sustainably. We collect cardboard at a 4 tonne minimum that is baled or stacked on pallets.
When you start segregating your waste and reducing the number of collections from various transport services you can save a huge amount of money. At Plastic Expert, we can even provide you with cardboard balers to campact your waste and increase it’s value. This includes items such as cardboard boxes and other waste packaging.
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What Can We Recycle?

Cardboard Recycling

Are your cardboard bins overflowing with waste? Our team collects cardboard waste from businesses regularly helping to increase recycling rates across companies.

Paper Recycling

You may also have bulk loads of paper waste. We pay for this material that includes items such as books, documents, magazines and other paper products.

EPS (Polystyrene)

Few local authority recycling services will deal with waste polystyrene. Our team specialises in recycling this waste diverting huge amounts from landfills.

LDPE Recycling

LDPE is found in a range of packaging such as bags, wraps and covers. If you produce bulk loads of this waste, we can help recycle your materials.

HDPE Recycling

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum. It is a versatile plastic that can be recycled by our specialist team.

The Benefits Of Our Cardboard Recycling Service In Liverpool

Talk to our team over the phone to discuss your current costs and procedures and how we can change them to make them easier and profitable. We can provide a cost benefit analysis and cardboard price estimates to show you the financial advantages of our commercial waste service. 
Our recycling service is trusted by businesses across the UK in a variety of sectors. If you are struggling with your waste disposal and transporting cardboard to various Liverpool and Merseyside recycling centres, partner with our waste management company today.

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Liverpool Waste Cardboard Collections

We can collect from anywhere from Liverpool city to the Mersey area using our approved collection and haulage partners. All material is taken to a local licensed waste and recycling facility to reduce the carbon footprint of every collection. We also recycle a range of plastic for businesses in Liverpool.
Please note, we do not provide recycling services for households; such as your food waste, plastic bottles, garden waste or other general waste items. Use your local waste authority service to dispose of these materials effectively.

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