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MDPE Oil Tank Recycling

Plastic Oil Tank Recycling In The UK

Plastic oil tanks are typically made from MDPE (Medium-density polyethylene). We specialise in recycling this waste material and offer collections across the UK. Our team can only accept oil tanks when they are cut down and free from residue such as contaminated oil.
If your business is looking to dispose of your old oil tanks sustainably, Plastic Expert is your solution. We provide plastic oil tank recycling to offer safe disposal of both oil & storage tanks. This prevents the items from ending up in incineration and polluting our environment.
Our oil tank removal services are quick and efficient, with flexible collection times available to suit your business needs. When dealing with oil tanks and hazardous waste, there are many requirements to follow in order to ensure that items are safely disposed of. With Plastic Expert as your waste carrier for your commercial oil tanks, we can give you peace of mind that you are following all the correct requirements and will be provided with full reports and audits with specifications.

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The Importance Of Safe Oil Tank Disposal

Firstly, recycling these plastic tanks ensures that the energy and materials that went into producing them are not wasted. Instead, these resources can be reused to make new products, reducing the need to extract and process new raw materials. All of the waste oil tanks from our collection and disposal service are transferred to licensed sites for repurposing.
It generally takes less energy to produce new products from recycled materials than from virgin materials. By recycling plastic oil tanks, we save energy that leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and decreased dependence on fossil fuels.
Residual oil or other chemicals from these tanks can also leach into the environment if they are not properly cleaned and recycled. By recycling, we can ensure that any oil left is treated appropriately, reducing the risk of soil and water contamination.

MDPE Recycling For Your Business

We specialise in the recycling of Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) oil tanks, often used by businesses for bulk oil storage. MDPE is a versatile plastic known for its durability and resistance to impact, which makes it ideal for containing liquids like clean oil. However, when it comes time for oil disposal or tank replacement, proper handling and recycling of these materials are crucial.
Our MDPE recycling service ensures that the entire process is handled efficiently and sustainably. As specialists in hazardous waste removal, we can handle contaminated containers with residual oil at the bottom of the tank. This is critical, not only for environmental protection but also health and safety regulations.
Many MDPE tanks are single-skinned, which poses unique challenges in terms of recycling. Single-skinned tanks, being made solely from either metal or plastic without additional protective layers, require careful dismantling to prevent any environmental contamination. Our team is equipped with the expertise and equipment to handle both metal and plastic components appropriately.

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How Recycling Your Oil Tanks Impacts Your Business

Recycling all of your waste streams can have a great positive impact on your business. When sustainably disposing of items, people respect and recognise this action. When working with Plastic Expert, you will be able to boost your green credentials, which can even grow your client base.
When removing an oil tank, you must adhere to guidelines and partner with a professional team to ensure safety. With our help, we can complete this activity securely for your business.

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If you are looking for a recycling team to safely remove plastic oil tanks, please contact us today. We can take the stress off your hands and quickly collect your unwanted plastic tanks and transport them to a licensed recycling facility. Here, the plastic waste can be repurposed into new products and introduced back into the market.
Please note, we do not provide domestic oil tank disposal services. Please use your local recycling centre to remove and dispose of these materials.

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