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Companies need to pay an increasing amount of attention to their environmental impact and carbon footprint, whilst consumers demand it more and more. One of the notable ways businesses in Tunbridge Wells can do so is through our cardboard recycling service.
Using a cardboard recycling and collection service is also an effective way of keeping your costs low. With the wealth of benefits that this offers, there’s no reason not to consider this. These span environmental benefits, alongside advantages to your business. Once the waste is collected from your business, our team can transport materials to our licensed recycling centre for repurposing.
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Benefits Of Recycling Cardboard

Using our cardboard recycling and collection service offers multiple benefits. Many of these can be seen in the positives associated with cardboard recycling in the first place. If you take advantage of this yourself, you can build a greener workplace, positive attitude amongst employees, and a stream of new customers.
Some of the main benefits of recycling include:


 Hiring a cardboard recycling and collection service is an affordable way of getting rid of your cardboard. When you factor in our rebates for bulk orders, that becomes even more affordable.

Save Energy

Getting rid of cardboard takes up energy, especially when thrown into a landfill or incinerated. By recycling, you remove this and lead to a reduced need of various energy sources, such as oil and gas.

Reduce Deforestation

The more cardboard that’s recycled and recirculated, the fewer trees that need to be cut down to create more cardboard. That reduces deforestation.

Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases are created during the production and destruction of cardboard. That’s virtually eliminated when it’s recycled. The more of this you recycle, the fewer greenhouse gases are emitted.

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We Recycle Cardboard Waste In Tunbridge Wells

If you’re looking for cardboard recycling in Tunbridge Wells, then we should be your first port of call. As the leading cardboard recycling and collection service in the area, we have everything you need to take care of the problem. Our team can collect cardboard waste at a 4 tonne minimum, that is either baled or stacked on pallets prior to the collection. If you are looking for machinery to bale your waste, we also offer cardboard balers for hire.
Not only will your company be more environmentally-friendly, but it’ll be a cost-effective way of dealing with your cardboard waste. Our friendly team is more than happy to help you with your company’s needs: whether that be a full recycling service or equipment needed. 

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