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At Plastic Expert, our range of waste compactors are designed to help businesses manage and reduce the volume of all different types of waste materials. This may be recyclable such as cardboard and plastics, general waste items, or dry and ‘wet’ waste such as organic waste. Our comprehensive variety of compactors can reduce your waste volumes by up to 90%, and therefore your collection fees which may be on the rise if generating large volumes.
Not only is our machinery key to saving costs and handling mixed waste and recycling, but they are also simple-to-operate and will minimise time spent on juggling waste streams. Our larger compactors even come with state-of-the art data management, where you can receive SMS and email alerts on your machinery.
With the help of our sale and lease service for a wide range of recycling compactors, you will be able to improve your waste management strategies. This will not only reduce the number of collections needed, but also help make your waste more profitable.
CE3000 Static Compactor

Waste Compactors Available

PE 205 Drum Press

205 Drum Press

Bin Press

Bin Press 1100L (Wheelie Bin Compactor)

Bag Press Compactor

Bag Press

Glass crusher

Glass Crusher

CE3000 Static Compactor

CE2000 Static Compactor

CE3000 Static Compactor

CE3000 Static Compactor

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The Benefits Of Using Recycling Compactors

With our range of waste compaction machinery and heavy duty static compactors, you can compact waste quickly; resulting in an efficient working environment. Not only will you speed up the workplace, but you will also result in a huge reduction in waste disposal costs due to fewer transportations being needed to remove your large volumes of waste.
When managing your recyclable materials effectively, your business will also cut your carbon footprint and help contribute to creating a more sustainable future. This is achieved through less trips being taken during the removal service, helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions on the road. You will also reduce the amount of waste ending up at waste-to-energy facilities through efficient waste management and recycling.
This is why it is more important than ever to start managing your waste in an environmentally-friendly manner. From purchasing one of our waste compactors, your business will boost your green credentials whilst ensuring your organisation is creating an eco-friendly workplace.
Recycling Compactors

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Is your business looking to reduce volumes of waste whilst saving money? At Plastic Expert, we provide a comprehensive range of static and portable waste compactors along with balers to suit the requirements of our customers. Having a variety of equipment designed to compact all different types of waste, we are sure to have the right machinery for you. Each of our clients can be provided with a waste site survey & duty of care documentation when using our services. Please contact one of the team today, and we will be happy to talk you through your options.
Please note, we do not provide roll packers or skip lift vehicles.

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