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At Plastic Expert, we specialise in helping you process and recycle your end-of-life wheelie bins. We collect wheelie bins from your premises, deliver them to a licenced recycling centre and then process them for reuse in a variety of industries. With us, you get a dependable, affordable and reliable wheelie bin recycling partner, there to help your enterprise deal with its plastic waste.

Wheelie Bin Recycling Throughout the UK

Plastic Expert covers the majority of the UK, specialising in wheelie bin recycling, plastic recycling, cardboard recycling and more. We can bulk recycle practically any wheelie bin product, giving you the flexibility and freedom you need, and letting you work with a single partner rather than multiple vendors.
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What We Recycle

HDPE Wheelie Bins

If you're a local authority and have end-of-life wheelie bins from households, Plastic Expert is here to help you manage your material. This provides a safe and reliable plastic recycling mechanism, preventing your waste from ending up at incineration facilities or landfills.

PP & HDPE Buckets

Plastic Expert also recycles HDPE buckets and PP crates in addition to the wheelie bin recycling service. We recycle your excess cuttings and waste plastic at an affordable price.

Recycling Containers

We're also able to recycle curbside recycling containers as well as wheelie bins. Using our wheelie bin recycling service means we can collect the recycling containers at the same time as they're usually made from HDPE plastic.

Our Wheelie Bin Recycling Service

At Plastic Expert, we follow an environmentally-friendly plastic recycling process, designed to minimise the environmental burden of your enterprise. We reduce the carbon footprint of plastic recycling where possible using licensed facilities.
Step 1: Collect Waste from Your Facility: Instead of organising your own waste disposal and wheelie bin recycling, we take care of the entire process for you. As a first step, we collect your end of life wheelie bins. The bins can be stacked inside each other (with wheels removed) which is the best option. Compacting redundant wheelie bin waste into bales makes the collection process more straightforward, especially if the bins are broken.
Step 2: Load Your Waste onto a Truck: Next, we load all the end of like wheelie bins onto the back of a vehicle. Our haulage partners will work with you to ensure transport optimisation, this ensures the most cost effective wheelie bin recycling service.
Step 3: Separate Materials at our Recycling Facility: Once the redundant wheelie bins arrive at our processing facility, we separate it according to the grade of plastic. Most of the wheelie bins are made from HDPE plastic.
Step 4: Shred the Plastic: After separation, the plastic is shredded into small pieces at the licenced recycling facility.
Step 5: Granulate the Plastic: The final step is to granulate the plastic. Granulating allows the plastic to be reprocessed and reconstituted into new products once it’s gone through a compounding process.

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Where does your Recycled Plastic End Up?

When you recycle plastic with us, you can be confident that your plastic is not going to landfill or, worse still, incineration. We recycle all the plastic we receive into products for manufacturing and construction. Our plastic eventually makes its way into containers, boxes, packaging, and piping for industry throughout the UK and Europe.

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Why Choose Plastic Expert for Wheelie Bins Recycling?

Recycle Unlimited Quantities of Plastic

When you choose Plastic Expert, there is no limit to the quantity of wheelie bin recycling, boxes, waste bins, containers and other HDPE plastic waste we can accept. Whether you are a skip company, local authority or a large recycling enterprise, we can meet your waste management needs.

Choose an Environmentally-Friendly Partner

Your green credentials are essential. The greener you are, the more your customers will trust and respect your business. With Plastic Expert, you get an environmentally-responsible wheelie bin recycling partner who is committed to ensuring the highest standards in plastic recycling. See your waste and end-of-life plastic products remade into new products that serve the local economy.

Recycle A Variety of wheelie bins

Whenever you need a wheelie bin recycling service, we can help. We segregate all the waste plastic that arrives at our partner facility into different grades and then granulate each individually. Manufacturers can then use the granulate as an input into the production process, creating new products from scratch.

Reduce your Carbon Impact

Recycling plastic is less carbon-intensive than going out and extracting new resources from the Earth. Recycling saves between 30% and 80% of the carbon emissions that virgin plastic processing and manufacturing generate, according to a report from Imperial College, London. The lower energy cost of wheelie bin recycling makes them extremely attractive to companies keen to showcase their green credentials.

Get a Flexible Service

At Plastic Expert, we adapt to your needs. Just tell us what you need to be recycled and how often, and we will develop a plan that fits your schedule. We offer a flexible service that meets your production or waste disposal needs, providing you with the predictability that you need for your business.

Find Out How We Can Help You Recycle Wheelie Bins Today

There are so many reasons to choose Plastic Expert. If you are tired of unreliable waste plastic disposal and recycling methods, then get in touch with us today. Not only do we offer a bulk, flexible service, but we also help your enterprise protect the environment and reach corporate responsibility goals. Contact us today to find out more about our excellent wheelie bin recycling service.
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