Cardboard Recycling Manchester

We Recycle Cardboard Waste In The Manchester Area

Cardboard Recycling Manchester

We partner with a wide variety of companies in Manchester and the North West region. Many of our customers have made a profit from their waste by using our cardboard recycling service.
Our business recycles a variety of cardboard commercial waste, helping companies cut their carbon footprint whilst boosting green credentials. We work collecting cardboard at a 4 tonne mininum, with materials being baled or stacked on pallets prior. Our team also offer cardboard balers for hire to help you manage your bulk waste.
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The Benefits Of Our Recycling Service In manchester

There are a variety of benefits for businesses using our cardboard recycling service in Manchester. Our customers are not only saving money, but also acting sustainably. This can attract new customers, and help your business grow whilst creating a greener workplace.
A monumental 84% of corrugated cardboard in the UK is recycled, amounting to 2 million tonnes per year. Being part of this great volume is the push we need to reach even high recycling rates for the UK.

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Manchester Cardboard Waste Collection Service

Give us a call so that our Manchester account manager can work out exactly how much money there is to be saved on your waste disposal costs. You will receive a full cost-benefit analysis, with price estimates for your cardboard from our waste management team. We also collect and recycle most plastics for Manchester businesses.
Our cardboard collection operates anywhere in Manchester and the Greater Manchester area. All material from the collection service is taken to a local recycling facility and recycled into a range of new products. Contact us via phone on 0845 3669306 or email at [email protected] to find out how we can boost your business recycling rates.

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Cardboard Recycling Manchester