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Plastic Expert promotes incineration avoidance through the recycling of waste plastic

Sustainable Plastic Recycling for businesses nationwide

Plastic Expert is a leading plastic recycling company working with UK businesses to sustainably recycle plastic waste. Our focus is to divert plastic and packaging waste from incineration and occasionally landfills through measurable and ethical recycling processes.
Our portfolio of clients includes manufacturers, food companies, distribution centres, warehouses, retailers and over 250 waste management & recycling centres. We recycle many different types of plastic waste including scrap uPVC, HDPE, PP, LDPE & Polycarbonate. Wherever possible, materials remain within the UK & Western Europe to reduce the carbon footprint of recycling activities.

Our management team

Russell Greig Bartram

Russell Greig-Bartram

Managing Director & CO-FOUNDER

Russell has a passion for recycling and a strong belief in its ability to make a significant impact on our planet. He is genuinely enthusiastic about sustainability and considers it a driving force in both his personal and professional life. As an individual dedicated to environmental preservation, Russell strives to explore avenues that contribute positively to our ecosystem.
Furthermore, his interest extends beyond environmental concerns. Russell finds great fulfillment in working with people, collaborating on diverse business activities, and exploring various sectors. This curiosity has allowed him to gain valuable insights into different industries and adapt effectively to new environments. In any professional endeavor, Russell believes it is essential to align personal values with organisational goals.
Kevin Basham

Kevin Basham

Co-Founder & Director

Kevin co-founded Plastic Expert in 2010 after witnessing first hand the large volumes of plastic waste going to incineration. His passion for solving real life problems and scaling businesses has been a key factor in the sustainable growth of Plastic Expert. His role within the company now focuses on strategy, growth and marketing to help attract new customers.
Outside of work, Kevin is building an off-grid eco home in rural Portugal with the aim to bring a former 23 acre Quinta (farm) back to life with its own water, food and energy supply. A real life example of sustainable living!
Ryan Knight

Ryan Knight

Sales Director

Ryan’s leadership and expertise are crucial in expanding our market reach, fostering client relationships, and contributing to a sustainable future. For him, championing the environment isn’t just a job; it’s a passion that every eco-friendly action paves the way for a healthier planet and future.
Ryan is also an avid Tottenham Hotspur fan, with stadium visits squeezed into every possible gap in their calendar. When not indulging in sports, he enjoys hikes, holiday escapades, lively nights out, and cherishes moments with his husband, friends, family, and adorable pug, Hector!
Gary Newitt

Gary Newitt

Account manager

With a passion for championing recycling across the UK, Gary is driven by his commitment to divert recyclable waste from incineration and foster a circular system. His role is to help businesses all over the UK with a recycling solution for their waste material.
When not on the eco-frontlines, you might find him competing on his horse Brennan, losing himself in a good book, tending to his favourite Dahlia’s and Alstroemerian plants, or attempting to play football!
Kallipso Mais

Kallipso Mais

Digital Marketing Executive

As an advocate for sustainability and recycling, Kallipso plays a crucial role steering our digital marketing strategies to illuminate our mission. Tasked with driving our online presence, Kallipso employs a blend of marketing expertise to attract and engage businesses nationwide, propelling them toward environmentally friendly waste solutions.
Outside the realm of digital marketing, Kallipso finds joy in creating digital art and attending music events.

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How we make a difference

Through rigorous and responsible collection practices, we source plastic and cardboard waste from businesses across the nation, breathing new life into materials that would otherwise end up in incineration.
Our approach is built on the twin pillars of sustainability and innovation. We not only divert substantial quantities of waste from entering our environment, but also repurpose it, creating new products and solutions. This ensures that businesses can play their part in reducing their carbon footprint, all the while supporting a greener economy.
Through our collective efforts, we are not only conserving our planet today but also ensuring a cleaner, healthier future for generations to come.

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