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We Recycle Cardboard Waste In The Leeds Area

Cardboard Recycling in Leeds

Does your business generate a large amount of cardboard waste recycling? At Plastic Expert, we offer waste collections for cardboard at a 4 tonne minimum. Our team also specialises in recycling various other types of waste, including most plastics and paper waste.
We operate across England and Wales, and have a range of customers located in the Leeds area. To use our cardboard recycling services, please ensure the waste is baled or stacked on pallets. Our business also provides cardboard balers for hire.
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What Can We Recycle?

Cardboard Recycling

We recycle bulk loads of cardboard recyclable materials for businesses. This means we can prevent pollution whilst cutting your carbon footprint. This may include packaging such as cardboard boxes.

Paper Recycling

Paper waste we recycle includes confidential documents using confidential shredding, newspapers, packagings and books.

Plastic Recycling

Our team recycles almost all types of plastic including HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP, PVC, PMMA and HIPS.

Hazardous Recycling

We also specialise in recycling hazardous materials, that may pose a threat to human health and the environment. This includes chemicals, WEEE, oils, aerosols and more.

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The Advantages Of Using Our Cardboard Recycling Service In Leeds

Not only are their a range of benefits from an environmental perspective, but also from a cost point of view too. Your business can reduce their disposal costs, landfill taxes, and even earn great rebates when using our recycling services. This opens up a new revenue stream for your materials that many are unaware even exists.

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Book your collection today for your cardboard recycling based in Leeds. If your business is in the area and you are looking for a professional, efficient recycling service then we are your solution. Our team can collect waste either on an ad-hoc or regular basis, meaning we can cater to a range of requirements. Simply call or email our waste management team and we can answer any questions you may have. No more recycling bins overflowing and hefty prices for bins collected!

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