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At Plastic Expert, we turn your paper waste into a profit. By transforming paper materials back into a product, we not only champion a greener future but also reward your efforts. If you have bulk loads of waste paper recycling & cardboard recycling, get in touch with our team today.
The types of paper we purchase include recycled paper, newspapers and magazines, mixed paper and cardboard, paper products, raw material, and office waste. The minimum collection quantity is 4-5 tonnes of paper depending on the location.
If your business has paper waste for sale, we can offer competitive rebates and reliable collections. All our end markets are fully vetted to ensure ethical compliance and sound environmental practices.
Sell your paper waste with Plastic Expert today and start realising the benefits. You can book a collection easily with our team by hitting the button below. We will then get back to you as soon as possible with a price for your paper waste. Plastic Expert can collect these materials nationwide if it’s palletised or in bales, whilst collecting plastic waste at the same time.

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Sustainably Dispose Of Your Bulk Paper

Recycling high volumes of paper means less waste goes for waste-to-energy (incineration), reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. It also means that we don’t need to use our natural resources to make brand new paper. In fact, it takes 70% less energy and water to recycle paper than to create new paper from trees.
Recycling paper also creates jobs. The whole recycling programme has created a new industry in waste management services. There are jobs at all levels from research and development, to transportation, to factory workers.
When you use our waste paper collection service, all of the materials will be transported to recycling centres. Here, your paper, card or cardboard will be segregated and put through the recycling process. The shredded paper is pulped with water and chemicals to create separate paper fibers, this pulp is then what is used to make recycled paper.


How Our Bulk Paper Waste Service Works

Contact our team at Plastic Expert providing your quantity of paper, location, photos & how the material are stored.
Once we’ve agreed on the pricing, a dedicated account manager will handle the collection of paper waste material.
Collections will be made on a day to suit your business. Let us know in advance of any loading requirements and the location of waste paper at your business.
Full waste transfer documentation will be provided on collection. Your waste paper will then be fully recycled at a licenced facility.

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Get in touch with our team to arrange a paper waste collection for your business waste. We also offer an entire range of paper compactors for hire to help businesses that produce large volumes of waste. These allow you to compact waste easily which in turn reduces volumes and commercial waste collections.
Whether you generate office paper, cardboard packaging, or general paper waste, we can repurpose materials at a UK recycling plant. We also offer a shredding service for confidential waste.

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