Cardboard Recycling Maidstone Service

Are you struggling to find alternative routes to managing your waste and sending large amounts to landfills? It doesn’t need to be that way, there are so many outlets for waste streams now that only a tiny fraction of your waste should ever end up at landfill. The Cardboard Recycling Maidstone Service can help, not only will be help you out with cardboard and plastic, we can find alternate routes for almost all waste types. Businesses working with us have found our service to make a huge different, reducing waste costs by thousands and introducing rebates of recyclable materials.

Why Choose Us?

Don’t worry if your waste management costs are getting out of control, the Cardboard Recycling Maidstone Service is here to help. The recent inflation in landfill tax costs are behind an increase in the cost of having bins collected. We can provide small, efficient machines that compact waste, making it easier to store and transport, as well as a choice of waste strategies designed to reduce costs. Our Account Managers can provide up to date cardboard price estimates to ensure that you are making the right financial choice.

Recycling is a huge advantage!

Working with our team in Maidstone will allow you to show potential customers how dedicated you are to responsibly handling your waste. With Plastic Expert as your partner, we will be able to help you boost your green credentials! With so much waste ending up in our environments, such as our oceans filling up with plastic, we must start taking action today to create a more sustainable way of living. If your business is looking for a solution, we are here to help.

What Can We Recycle?

We recycle all kinds of waste. Take a look at some of the recycling services we offer in the UK.

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Rigid Plastic
  • Packaging
  • uPVC 
  • EPS (Polystyrene)

Collections and Enquiries

The Cardboard Recycling Maidstone Service offers a professional collection in any part of Maidstone or Kent. We transport recyclable waste to a licensed recycling facility where it is prepared for a reprocessing plant, either in the UK or overseas. Contact at us by phone on 0845 3669306 or by email at