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Plastic Recycling UK

At Plastic Expert, we take sustainable plastic recycling very seriously. With us as your partner, you can safely and efficiently dispose of waste plastic while minimising or eliminating the harm to the environment. Finally, you can get a flexible plastic recycling and disposal service for various types of plastic designed to help your organisation achieve its environmental goals.

We Specialise In Plastic Recycling

Plastic Expert is a professional recycling agency, responsible for processing hundreds of tonnes of waste plastic every month throughout the UK. With us, you get a flexible, affordable plastic recycling partner who can provide a range of recycling processes, with a customisable service and national reach. Whatever plastic you need fully recycled, we’re here to help.
As the plastics industry is growing, not all plastic is being recycled. This is why it is enssential that recycling plastics is taking place across all business. Having plastic recycled means we can create new safe materials without the impact on our environment. Recycled materials can then be reintroduced back into the market.

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Plastic Waste We Recycle

1. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE)

This versatile polymer is most commonly known to make water bottles and soda containers. PET is not only lightweight and durable but also highly recyclable.

2. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

HDPE is the strong, reliable material used in everything from pipes to shampoo bottles. Its durability and resistance to moisture make it a top choice for packaging.

3. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC or Vinyl)

PVC is a commonly used plastic in various applications, from cable insulation to vinyl records. PVC's versatility and durability make it an essential part of products across many industries.

4. Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

LDPE is the resilient material behind many everyday items like plastic bags, food packaging, and agricultural film. Its lightweight nature and flexibility makes it perfect for various applications.

5. Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is a versatile plastic found in items such as bottle caps, crates, and even automotive parts. Its strength, heat resistance, and lightweight properties make it a valuable material.

6. Polystyrene (PS or Styrofoam)

Polystyrene is a lightweight plastic used in the packaging of electronics, food containers, and even insulation materials. Despite its convenience, disposing of polystyrene safely can be difficult. This is why we offer a specialist recycling service for businesses.

7. Other

This category encompasses a diverse range of plastics, including PMMA and acrylic, each with its unique properties and applications. These plastics often find their way into products like clear plastic sheets, signage, and optical lenses. While they serve crucial purposes, disposing of them improperly can pose challenges due to their varied chemical compositions.


How We Recycle Plastic Waste

Contact our team at Plastic Expert providing your quantity of plastic, location, photos & how the materials are stored.
We’ll then prepare a quote and email this to you. Once you’re happy to go ahead with a collection, simply make a payment and we’ll book transport.
Collections will be made on a day to suit your business. Let us know in advance of any loading requirements.
Full waste transfer documentation will be provided on collection. All of your waste items will then be fully recycled into new products.

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Plastic Recycling Nationwide

We offer plastic recycling across the UK and provide a flexible service covering a range of plastic waste products. Our services are ideal for manufacturers who want to recycle plastic cuttings, construction companies that need to dispose of down piping and guttering, and double-glazing installers who need a sustainable, predictable way to remove their waste.
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What Is Your Plastic Recycling Repurposed Into?

At Plastic Expert, we use state-of-the-art processing techniques to transform your plastic waste into a form that manufacturers can use to make new products. Often, the products that they make with recycled material are similar to those from which the plastic came. Recycled plastic from down piping goes into new down piping, uPVC from window frames is made into new windows and doors, and plastic wrapping waste goes into new pallet wrapping products.
Manufacturers recycle the products that they make back into the UK and European economy. Recycling with Plastic Expert, therefore, helps you create healthy local markets.


Reasons To Choose Plastic Expert For Plastic Recycling

Get a flexible service

We offer a flexible plastic recycling service throughout the UK, whether you’re a large manufacturer with regular plastic purge or cutting disposal needs, or a small enterprise selling uPVC windows. You can arrange a collection or delivery schedule that suits your business’s needs. Just get in touch with us today to tell us what you want.b

Make your enterprise sustainable

Customers want companies they buy from to protect the environment in which we all live. Firms that dump hundreds of tonnes into landfill are not fulfilling their corporate responsibility obligations. Plastic Expert is a plastic recycling partner who can help your firm achieve its green credentials and build trust with customers. When you recycle your plastic with us, you help to secure the reputation of your brand.

recyle a wide variety of plastics

Sometimes it can be hard to find a partner who can recycle a particular plastic product or can cater to a variety of mixed plastics. But at Plastic Expert, we allow you to sustainably dispose of a wide variety of plastics, including uPVC and LDPE.

cut your carbon footprint

Plastic recycling not only prevents plastic from ending up in landfills or the ocean, but it also helps your company reduce its CO2 impact. Recycled plastic products require less energy, in general, than their non-recycled counterparts.
We are currently seeing and experiencing the effects that plastic is having on our environment from just plastic packaging; such as plastic bottles, carrier bags, plastic bags and plastic films floating in our oceans.
One way in which you can minimise this smaller yet highly impactful post-consumer waste is by understanding resin identification codes and what the recycling symbols mean, so that you are using the correct recycling bins ensuring an efficient recycling collection.

what other waste do we recycle?

As well as bulk loads of plastic materials, we also deal with other waste recycling. This includes cardboard, paper, WEEE items and even hazardous materials. Ensuring we are increasing our recycling rates, we can save environment impact and boost a circular economy.
Most plastics are recyclable, meaning it is essential that the process is complete to save raw materials. Partner with us to achieve zero waste and have more plastic waste enter the recycling system.
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We Provide Plastic
Balers For Hire

Our team also provides plastic balers for hire which comes with a range of benefits. Your plastic recycling materials can be compressed into neat blocks, saving you space at the workplace and reducing volumes. Baling your plastics also makes them more profitable, and makes it easier to collect by our team. We offer a wide range of recycling equipment for your waste so get in touch with our team regarding your requirements.


Choose Plastic Expert To Recycle Plastic today

Do you have specialist plastic recycling needs? If so, then get in touch with Plastic Expert today. We offer a fast, reliable, and flexible service that helps your company showcase its green credentials. With us, you can dispose of your plastic waste while playing your part in protecting the natural world. Find out more about our polymer recycling by calling our friendly UK team today.
Please note, we do not provide recycling services for household waste. This may include small quantities of shampoo bottles, plastic scrap, food waste, water bottles and other pots tubs and trays. These can all be recycled using your kerbside collections to increase recycling rates.

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Most plastic is recyclable. Well known recyclable plastics include plastic bottles and containers, plastic carrier bags, plastic film, and some types of plastic packaging. These plastics can be recycled through a mechanical process, at a licenced facilty, to minimise environmental impact.


We recycle most types of plastics at our partner recycling facilities. Plastic which cannot be recycled include materials which are heavily contaminated or even plastic items which combine several types of material.

What is the best way to recycle plastic?

1. Segregate the plastic waste at source using one of our industry-first picking guides.
2. Where possible, compact or bale the plastic waste. Otherwise, the plastic can be palletised for onward transport.
3. The material should be sent to a licenced recycling factory where the waste plastic is turned into pellets, granules or a flake.


To recycle plastic, it should be sorted by polymer type and clear of any contaminants. Once plastic waste is sorted by polymer type, it can then be shredded, granulated or flaked depending on the type of polymer which is being recycled.

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