At Plastic Expert, we take sustainable plastic recycling very seriously. With us as your partner, you can safely and efficiently dispose of waste plastic while minimising or eliminating the harm to the environment. Finally, you can get a flexible plastic recycling and disposal service for various types of plastic designed to help your organisation achieve its environmental goals. 

Plastic Expert is a professional recycling agency, responsible for processing hundreds of tonnes of waste plastic every month throughout the UK. With us, you get a flexible, affordable plastic recycling partner who can provide a range of recycling processes, with a customisable service and national reach. Whatever plastic you need fully recycled, we’re here to help.

Plastic Waste We Recycle

We recycle all kinds of plastic waste. Take a look at some of the polymer recycling services we offer in the UK.

  • LDPE wrapping

    Low-density polyethene LDPE is a popular material for pallet wrapping, preventing goods from spilling out over the warehouse or truck floor during transport and distribution. LDPE is a significant source of plastic waste that can sometimes end up in a landfill. Plastic Expert recycles all your LDPE waste, removing it from your premises and reconstituting it to make new plastic wrapping products.

  • HDPE pipes

    Manufacturers use HDPE or high-density polyethene plastic to make rigid piping products, thanks to its strength, durability and longevity. HDPE piping, however, does not biodegrade naturally and, like LDPE, often ends up in a landfill. At Plastic Expert, we’re here to help you put a stop to that. We recycle all your pipes into new HDPE products, benefiting the local and national economy.

  • Polystyrene foam

    Polystyrene is a popular packaging material used in both the B2B and B2C sectors. It’s famous for its light weight and ability to protect products at low cost during distribution. Polystyrene, however, does not break down naturally. We help you manage the difficulties of polystyrene recycling, offering a greener and more sustainable waste disposal service for enterprises that choose to use this material.

  • PP sacks

    Companies across a variety of industries use PP sacks to transport materials. PP sacks come in a variety of grades, some more difficult to recycle than others. Contact us today to find out how we can help you manage your PP sack waste problem.

  • PVC recycling

    PVC guttering, down piping and purge waste, are significant contributors to the total quantity of plastic in landfills. At Plastic Expert, we specialise in helping you recycle PVC waste. First, we transport it in bales to our recycling facilities. Then we remove contaminants and process it into a powder. Manufacturers can then use PVC powder to create new products - mainly more downpipe for the construction industry.

  • Rigid plastic recycling

    Rigid plastic recycling is a complex task, but at Plastic Expert, we’ve built an industry-leading, sustainable end-to-end solution to prevent as much plastic as possible from entering landfills.

  • uPVC recycling

    Products such as double-glazed windows and doors use unplasticised PVC because of its durability and insulating properties. We process uPVC in a similar way to PVC, turning it into a powder that manufacturers can then use to make into new uPVC glazing products.

Get Plastic Recycling Nationwide

We offer plastic recycling across the UK and provide a flexible service covering a range of plastic waste products. Our services are ideal for manufacturers who want to recycle plastic cuttings, construction companies that need to dispose of down piping and guttering, and double-glazing installers who need a sustainable, predictable way to remove their waste. 

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What Is Your Plastic Recycling Used To Make?

At Plastic Expert, we use state-of-the-art processing techniques to transform your plastic waste into a form that manufacturers can use to make new products. Often, the products that they make with recycled material are similar to those from which the plastic came. Recycled plastic from down piping goes into new down piping, uPVC from window frames is made into new windows and doors, and plastic wrapping waste goes into new pallet wrapping products. 

Manufacturers recycle the products that they make back into the UK and European economy. Recycling with Plastic Expert, therefore, helps you create healthy local markets. 


Reasons To Choose Plastic Expert For Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling is becoming increasingly important to enterprises across the UK. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose us for plastic recycling today. 

Get A Flexible Service

We offer a flexible plastic recycling service throughout the UK, whether you’re a large manufacturer with regular plastic purge or cutting disposal needs, or a small enterprise selling uPVC windows. You can arrange a collection or delivery schedule that suits your business’s needs. Just get in touch with us today to tell us what you want. 

Make Your Enterprise Sustainable

Customers want companies they buy from to protect the environment in which we all live. Firms that dump hundreds of tonnes into landfill are not fulfilling their corporate responsibility obligations. Plastic Expert is a plastic recycling partner who can help your firm achieve its green credentials and build trust with customers. When you recycle your plastic with us, you help to secure the reputation of your brand. 

Recycle A Wide Variety Of Plastics

Sometimes it can be hard to find a partner who can recycle a particular plastic product or can cater to a variety of mixed plastics. But at Plastic Expert, we allow you to sustainably dispose of a wide variety of plastics, including uPVC and LDPE. 

Cut Your Carbon Footprint

Plastic recycling not only prevents plastic from ending up in landfills or the ocean, but it also helps your company reduce its CO2 impact. Recycled plastic products require less energy, in general, than their non-recycled counterparts. We are currently seeing and experiencing the effects that plastic is having on our environment from just plastic packaging; such as plastic bottles, carrier bags, plastic bags and plastic films floating in our oceans. One way in which you can minimise this smaller yet highly impactful post-consumer waste is by understanding resin identification codes and what the recycling symbols mean, so that you are using the correct recycling bins ensuring an efficient recycling collection.


Choose Plastic Expert For Plastic Recycling Today

Do you have specialist plastic recycling needs? If so, then get in touch with Plastic Expert today. We offer a fast, reliable, and flexible service that helps your company showcase its green credentials. With us, you can dispose of your plastic waste while playing your part in protecting the environment as a whole. Find out more about our polymer recycling by calling our friendly UK team today. 

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