Plastic Expert Provide Baling Wire For Sale

Plastic Expert’s Baling Wire For Sale

Plastic Expert offers various types of baling wire for sale, suitable for a range of baling equipment for securing mill size bales and all other bale sizes. The products we have available include multiple forms of baler wire, twine, and tape; ensuring we have all the consumables needed to help your business recycle waste.  
For larger automatic baling machines, we can supply the correct size & easy handling pre cut products in bulk volume. We are able to deliver products across the UK, and even offer recycling services and advice to handle your waste baling needs including plastic and cardboard.
Contact Plastic Expert today for the consumables you require. We can provide you with any type of wire suitable including cut and looped, black annealed wire, rewound coils and quick link to suit your needs.
Baling wire for sale


Order Your Baling Consumables

Delivery charge £125 per pallet.

Each bundle makes approx 18 bales.

Order minimum of 5 bundles.

Maximum of 40 bundles per pallet.

Delivery charge £49.

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We have all the consumables needed to help your business recycle waste.

The Benefits Of Baling Waste As A Business

As a business, baling waste allows you to manage your waste effectively and in an eco-friendly manner. Our balers include equipment such as the 250, 500 and twin chamber baler. 
When you compact and bale materials, you can save space in skips, make sure less transport is undertaken for waste disposal services, and result in your baled waste being disposed of sustainably. 
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