Cardboard Recycling In Sheffield And Yorkshire

We Recycle Cardboard Waste In The Sheffield Area

Cardboard Recycling in Sheffield

We pay for cardboard in Sheffield from various business types. Many of our customers have saved money and even earned a profit by employing our waste cost reduction system.
With our cardboard recycling service in Sheffield, your business can manage your waste using sustainable processes whilst employing a new stream of money. We can even provide cardboard balers for you to store and compact large amounts of waste for ease of transport and higher value.
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What Can We Recycle?

Cardboard Recycling

We collect cardboard waste at a minimum of 4 tonnes. The materials should be baled or stacked on pallets.

Paper Recycling

Our business specialises in recycling bulk paper waste. Please let us know if you also require this service when enquiring for your cardboard collection.

Farm Plastic Recycling

Agricultural waste often comprises of a range of plastic materials. Our team can recycle most of these plastics such as films, covers and wraps.

EPS (Polystyrene)

Polystyrene can be collected if it’s compressed using an EPS machine. This allows the material to be compacted for transport. We can supply polystyrene compaction machines.

HDPE Recycling

HDPE is a versatile, strong plastic used in products such as pipes and bottles. If you are in need of a collection for HDPE waste get in touch with our team.

Save Money With Our Cardboard Recycling Service In Sheffield

Firstly, give us a call so that we can work out exactly how much money there is to be saved on your waste disposal costs. Every customer will receive a full cost benefit analysis, including an indication of how much we can pay for your waste cardboard.
It’s also not just money to be saved, we will help to cut your carbon footprint and landfill use. Your business can have peace of mind that you are disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Where do We Collect Cardboard from In Sheffield?

We can collect from anywhere in Sheffield and the Yorkshire area using our approved collection and haulage partners. Our team will arrange an agreed collection day to remove waste swiftly, causing minimal disruptions to your company. We can also collect and recycle most plastics for your business.
Please note, we do not provide waste management services for household waste. If you have materials to dispose of such as cardboard boxes, please use your local collection service or transport waste to a recycling centre.

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