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Is your business struggling to process and reduce the volume of waste you are producing? Plastic Expert can offer both large and small mill size cardboard and plastic balers that are easy to handle and provide fast cycles.
Our range of balers includes the 550, 500, 250, 200, and 75 baling press: All of which can handle a high volume of waste plastic and cardboard. These offer various cardboard and plastic bale sizes, catering to any of your requirements. Not only do we provide both horizontal and vertical balers, but we are also able to collect the baled waste, take it through the complete recycling process and offer rebates for the recyclable materials.
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Small Vertical and Horizontal Balers For Sale And Lease:

Small vertical baler

The 75 Baling Press

This small vertical baler’s compact design is ideal for a small work environment where space is tight, such as retail outlets, offices, pubs, or restaurants. As a mini baler, the large feed aperture makes for easy loading suitable for both plastic and cardboard. This piece of equipment also comes with a free bale trolley.

The 200 Twin Chamber Baling Press

The 200 twin chamber baling press is a horizontal baler with an 1100 x 800mm top-loaded feed aperture for easy loading. This baler is available for hire or purchase, and is also suitable for volume reduction of plastic or cardboard and even has additional chambers available.
twin chamber baler
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The 250 Baling Press

The 250 baling press offers bale weights up to 250kg, including a 15-tonne press force and a 1200mm wide feed aperture. The 250 baling press is equally helpful for the volume reduction of plastic and cardboard. However, it offers bale weights up to 250kg, unlike the 550 and 500 offering up to 550 kg.

The 500 Baling Press

This piece of equipment is also useful for a high volume of waste plastic and cardboard: including a massive 50-tonne press force and a 1500mm wide feed aperture. The baler can be sited outside with its powder-coated finish for durability and also comes with fitted retaining claws to prevent material spring back.
Mill size balers
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The 550 Baling Press

This heavy-duty, large size baler is the perfect choice for large volumes of plastic waste: including a massive 50-tonne press force and a 1500mm wide feed aperture and full stroke compaction. The baler can be sited outside with its powder-coated finish for durability and also comes with fitted retaining claws to prevent material spring back. This vertical baler also includes a five wire tie for a secure bale.

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The benefits of small baler rental and purchase

When using these small polythene balers and cardboard balers, you are able to store and manage your waste effectively and with a sustainable mindset. By using a recycling baler as a business, you can ensure that less transport is undertaken for us as your waste recyclers and collectors, space is saved in skips, and time is saved during the loading process. 
If you are looking to purchase or lease plastic and cardboard balers, along with a full collection and recycling service for producing bales, Plastic Expert is your waste handling solution. We are also able to offer waste compactors to boost your green credentials and help give your business a small footprint on the environment.

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Plastic Expert offers a vast variety of plastic and small cardboard balers for businesses to suit individual requirements. All also come with a 12-month warranty (75 baling press has 24-months), are CE-approved and include bale ejection.
The waste balers are available with quick installation and can process waste cardboard, shrink wrap, and most types of rigid plastic. We are then able to collect and offer rebates for the plastic and cardboard bales produced, taking care of the full waste management process for you. This will save you space in wheelie bins and create an ordered process for your waste materials.
Collections of cardboard and plastic recycling can then be fully recycled into new products. Our service will help boost cost savings and reduce disposal costs for your business. Get in touch with one of the team today and we will be happy to discuss specifications in more detail.

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