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At Plastic Expert, we specialize in helping you process and recycle your end-of-life PVC waste. We collect bales of PVC from your premises, deliver them to our recycling centre and then process them for reuse in a variety of industries. With us, you get an affordable and reliable PVC recycling partner, there to help your enterprise deal with its varying types of plastic waste.

Coverage Throughout the UK

Plastic Expert covers the majority of the UK, specializing in waste PVC recycling, uPVC recycling, acrylic recycling, and recycling uPVC window profiles. We can bulk recycle practically any PVC or uPVC product, giving you the flexibility and freedom you need managing multiple waste streams. The recycling technology and chemical processes we use mean that your plastic products can effectively be repurposed into new products to re-enter the market.

What We Recycle

PVC guttering and downpipe

If you are in the business of installing, manufacturing or removing PVC guttering and downpipe, you generate substantial plastic waste which can create recycled materials. Plastic Expert is here to help you manage your waste in the PVC industry. We provide a safe and reliable plastic recycling mechanism, preventing your waste from entering a landfill or the oceans.

PVC offcuts from various industries

Many manufacturers have to cut plastic to get it into the desired shape for their products. These offcuts, however, can build up over time and take up valuable storage space. At Plastic Expert, we remove your offcuts from your premises on a schedule, allowing you to plan and adapt your production processes.

Granulated PVC from recycling centers

If you operate a recycling center but do not operate end-to-end recycling and need a partner to take granulated PVC, then we can help. We take granulated PVC, process it into powder, and then supply it to manufacturers to make new plastic products, including piping.

PVC pipe generated by industry

A wide variety of companies create PVC piping for construction purposes. We recycle your excess cuttings and waste plastic at an affordable price.

PVC purge waste from manufacturers

Manufacturers create PVC waste from a variety of processes, including extrusion. We collect all purge waste from your facility and process it according to high environmental standards.


Our Recycling Process

At Plastic Expert, we follow a strict, environmentally-friendly plastic recycling process, designed to minimize the environmental burden of your enterprise. Instead of organizing your own waste disposal and recycling, we take care of the entire process for you. As a first step, we collect your PVC recycling, uPVC recycling, acrylic recycling, and uPVC windows and door frames from your premises once collected into bales.
Compacting PVC waste into bales makes the collection process more straightforward and helps us save you money. (If you haven’t compacted your PVC waste into bales, then you can deposit your plastic waste at one of our regional bulking hubs). Next, we load all the bales onto the back of a vehicle. Baling allows us to transport the maximum weight allowed by the truck, providing better value per unit of PVC waste recycled.
We will then separate materials at our recycling facility. Once the PVC arrives at our processing facility, we separate it according to the grade of the plastic. Once this is complete we can shred the plastic and then turn it into granules. (If the material arrives in this form, we skip this step).
Finally, we powder the plastic. Powdering allows the plastic to be reprocessed and reconstituted into new products of any shape and size.
pvc guttering

Where does your Recycled Plastic End Up?

When you recycle plastic materials with us, you can be confident that your plastic is not going to landfills or the ocean. We recycle all the plastic we receive into products for manufacturing and construction, saving virgin materials from being overused. Our plastic eventually makes its way into new conduits and piping for industry throughout the UK and Europe. By using our waste management and recycling system, you are doing your bit to support the sustainability of the regional economy.


Why Choose Plastic Expert for PVC Recycling?

Recycle Unlimited Quantities of Plastic

Your green credentials are essential. The greener you are, the more your customers will trust and respect your business. With Plastic Expert, you get an environmentally-responsible PVC recycling partner who is committed to ensuring high quality in plastic recycling. See your waste and end-of-life plastic products remade into new products that serve the local economy.

Recycle A Variety of PVC

In most cases, recycling post-industrial and post-consumer plastic are less carbon-intensive than going out and extracting new resources from the Earth. The lower energy cost of recycled PVC products makes them extremely attractive to companies keen to showcase their green credentials.

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PVC Industrial tubes