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Recycling plastic waste for the agricultural sector

Plastic Expert provides a national farm plastic recycling service, helping to reduce costs, meet compliance and increase recycling rates. Due to the multitude of activities that are undertaken in the agricultural sector, a wide array of materials are used and then disposed of. Treating this waste responsibly helps to keep farms clean and efficient.

Plastic Expert can recycle most of the waste streams that are encountered in the agricultural industry, this includes Silage Wrap, Crop Cover, Polytunnel, HDPE Canisters, Trickle Tape/Drip Tape.

Silage Wrap Commonly bales of hay are seen bound by a stretched film plastic, either black, white or green. Once the bale of hay has been opened for its agricultural purpose, the plastic is tossed to the side. This plastic can be recycled and should not be considered as general waste.

Crop Cover Often known as ‘plastic mulch’, crop cover is an emerging material in the farm plastic recycling industry after years of being cited as an environmental hazard. This (often black) plastic covers the crops and is pierced with holes to allow the plastic to grow through it. The material conserves water and suppresses weeds, but many farmers don’t realise that even waste crop cover can be sold to recyclers.

Polytunnel A Polytunnel is an elongated polythene covered frame that acts very similarly to a greenhouse and is used for the production of many plants while they are seedlings. The plastic material is beneficial as a solar conductor, but also because of how clean it can be kept, if it becomes redundant to the farm it can become incredibly useful as a recyclable plastic.

HDPE Canisters Note: these should be triple washed before we receive them. HDPE canisters usually come in the form of 25l drums that are often used for the storage of feed, water, fertilizers or animal bi-products, such as milk. To be effectively recycled, the risk of decontamination must be minimised and as such, a thorough triple wash is necessary.

What We Bulk Purchase

  • Agri Film Recycling

    We can collect & recycle most types of agricultural film including crop cover & silage wrap.

  • Polytunnel

    Polytunnel can be collected in bales or bulker loads, depending on location & loading weight.

  • HDPE Canisters

    We can collect triple rinsed & baled HDPE canisters/bottles along with other materials.

  • Cardboard Recycling

    Redundant cardboard can be collected in bales, minimum weight applies, depending on the location.

  • Packaging Recycling

    Various types of plastic packaging can be recycled through our company including shrink wrap.

  • Piping & irrigation material

    HDPE & LDPE piping material can be collected in bales or bulker loads depending in on the weight.

How it works

  • 1
    Call or email us

    Please provide our team with some information about the types of material your company is looking to dispose of. We require photos and approximate volumes/weight to assess to the commercial aspect of each collection.

  • 2
    Dedicated point of contact

    One of our team will be in contact to discuss options and pricing, we can also provide an entire range of compaction/baling equipment if required.

  • 3
    Collection of material

    Once we've agreed on pricing, a dedicated account manager will deal with the collection of material and necessary paperwork to ensure environmental compliance.

  • 4
    Post collection paperwork

    After the collection, your company will receive weight confirmaton and corresponding invoices/purchase order. We'll also provide a recycling report and ongoing support.

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