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Our experienced, specialist team provides recycling and sustainability consultancy services for businesses across the UK.
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Plastic Expert has over 15 years of experience in the waste recycling industry, having recycled over 100,000 tonnes of waste for businesses nationwide.

Our consultancy team with corporations in the UK and Europe undertake a variety of different projects. Clients typically focus on three areas: general recycling, sustainability, and re-use. All with an objective to meet and sustain environmental savings through the reduction of CO2. Below you will find a list of our consultancy services available for businesses nationwide.

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General recycling

Waste Stream Analysis

Conduct thorough assessments to map out plastic waste streams within your operations. Our team meticulously categorises the sources, types, and volumes of plastic waste. This includes analysing waste derived from product packaging, identifying waste generated from the production process itself, and scrutinising everyday operational activities.

Recycling Infrastructure Assessment

Evaluating existing recycling infrastructure and processes. This will involve reviewing the efficiency of the recycling equipment and technology in use. Our team identifies key areas where your recycling processes can be optimised. This includes pinpointing inefficiencies, outdated technologies, and ineffective practices.

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Advising on local, national, and international regulations related to plastic waste management to provide you with up-to-date and comprehensive guidance. We will develop detailed action plans to ensure all aspects of your operations comply with relevant regulations.

Technology Evaluation

We stay informed about the latest advancements in recycling technology to bring you state-of-the-art solutions. By researching and recommending the latest technologies, we help ensure that your processes are efficient, innovative, and economically viable. 

Training and Education

We empower your staff and stakeholders with knowledge and skills in plastic waste management, recycling, and sustainability. This service is crucial for fostering an environmentally conscious culture and enhancing operational efficiency.

Customised Solutions Development

We develop tailored strategies and solutions to address specific client challenges. Based on the analysis, we implement practical and scalable approaches to plastic waste recycling.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

This is essential for assessing the effectiveness of your recycling initiatives and ensuring that your sustainability goals are being met efficiently. Our approach is systematic and data-driven, designed to provide you with clear insights and actionable feedback. 

Sustainability Integration

Ensuring that your plastic waste recycling initiatives are seamlessly incorporated into your broader sustainability strategies and aligned with your CSR goals. This comprehensive approach helps your business achieve its environmental objectives while enhancing its public image and operational efficiency.

Continuous Improvement

This service is designed to ensure that your recycling programs are not only effective today but continue to evolve and improve over time. This is crucial for maintaining operational excellence and adapting to new challenges and opportunities in recycling. 


We provide a detailed and holistic understanding of your environmental, social, and economic impacts. By assessing these areas comprehensively, we can help you develop strategies that improve your sustainability performance and enhance your overall business efficiency and brand reputation. 
We assist clients in setting ambitious yet achievable sustainability goals aligned with their values, industry standards, and global targets (e.g., UN Sustainable Development Goals). By doing so, we can develop tailored sustainability strategies that integrate with the client’s overall business objectives and long-term vision.
By applying lifecycle assessment methodologies and embracing circular economy principles, we can guide your business towards minimising resource consumption and waste generation. We recommend circular economy practices such as product redesign, material substitution, and waste reduction, to minimise resource consumption and waste generation.
Our approach ensures that your operations remain compliant with evolving legal standards and are strategically positioned to handle potential risks effectively. This is at local, national and international levels.
We focus on identifying innovative technologies and solutions that enable sustainable practices, such as renewable energy, green building materials, and digital optimisation tools. By advising on the integration of sustainable technologies into clients’ operations, businesses can enhance efficiency and resilience.
Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to track progress toward sustainability goals. We provide regular reporting and performance reviews to measure impact, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate successes.
By staying updated on emerging trends, best practices, and thought leadership in sustainability, we foster a culture of ongoing development and adaptability. This encourages continuous learning and improvement within the consultancy team and among clients.

Waste re-use

Material Upcycling

We transform manufacturing waste into valuable new products or materials, thus contributing to waste reduction and innovation. This approach not only reduces environmental impact but also adds economic value by turning waste into worth. For example, repurposing scrap metal into decorative art pieces or turning fabric offcuts into patchwork textiles.

Collaborative Partnerships

Our collaborative approach focuses on establishing partnerships with other businesses or organisations that can utilise manufacturing waste as a resource. We can exchange waste materials with partners for their production processes, creating mutually beneficial relationships.

Community Engagement

This strengthens ties between your business and the local community by utilising manufacturing waste as a resource for educational and creative projects. This initiative promotes sustainability whilst fostering a positive public image and enhancing community relations.


We can help your business effectively manage organic waste by converting it into valuable compost. This can then be used to enrich the landscaping, gardens, or green spaces around your premises.

Supplier Engagement

This proactive approach involves working closely with suppliers to reduce packaging waste and implement sustainable sourcing practices. We collaborate to explore opportunities for returning packaging or materials for reuse.

Product Development

We focus on incorporating manufacturing waste into the design and production of new products, thereby promoting sustainability and innovation. This approach not only reduces waste but also adds unique value to your product offerings, such as limited edition items.

Waste-to-Energy Solutions

Waste-to-Energy technologies enable your business to convert manufacturing waste into renewable energy sources. By leveraging technologies like anaerobic digesters and biomass boilers, we help you transform organic waste streams into valuable heat or electricity.

Continuous Improvement

We ensure your waste management practices are not only effective but also continually evolving to incorporate new efficiencies and innovations. By regularly reviewing and refining these practices, and encouraging feedback from all parties, we help your business identify opportunities for further waste reduction and reuse.

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