what is a landfill site

What Is A Landfill Site

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What Is A Landfill Site & How Do They Damage The Planet

A landfill site is an area of land where a huge amount of waste is deposited that cannot be recycled. Unfortunately, however, recyclable materials still find their way into landfill waste more often than not. The waste disposal at the site may be on the ground directly, or into a hole in the ground. There are also 4 standard landfill sites, including municipal waste, industrial waste, hazardous waste, and green waste.


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What Happens To Waste Here & How Do Landfills Work?

Landfills work by layering the waste with soil and other materials to create a barrier between the waste and the environment. As the landfill fills up, it is capped with a final cover layer of soil and vegetation to prevent water from seeping into the waste and to minimise the generation of leachate, a liquid that can contain pollutants. Leachate then can pollute surface water, land, and waterways. 

Greenhouse Gases

When waste is deposited at landfill sites, it can fester for many years. Here, the materials emit harmful toxins and pollutants. Greenhouse gas, such as methane and carbon dioxide, are also released. Methane gas and carbon dioxide are produced where materials such as organic waste decompose. This includes items such as food waste. Landfill gas is composed of roughly 50% methane, produced from organic matter.

The harmful toxins are also released where other materials break down, such as plastic, paper, and cardboard. Metal waste releases toxic chemicals (such as lead, mercury, and cadmium) that harm the environment and human health.

What Waste Is Sent To Landfill Sites?

Landfill sites are home to both household and commercial waste. This may include packaging, organic waste, WEEE equipment, industrial materials, and more. Many of these items can be recycled, which is why it is so important to dispose of your waste correctly.

Diverting waste from landfill is essential in slowing down global warming rates and creating a more sustainable planet. As a household, make sure to segregate waste correctly for local collections so that materials can be repurposed. Where businesses are creating bulk waste, you can partner with a waste management company to deal with the waste safely.

Divert Your Waste From Landfill Sites

At Plastic Expert we are passionate about diverting waste from landfill sites and helping businesses boost their recycling rates. We collect and recycle a range of waste types, including most plastics, cardboard, paper, and hazardous materials. This means we can offer a full waste management service and even offer rebates for bulk waste.

Please get in touch today to book your collection, either on an ad-hoc or regular basis. We can also provide recycling machines and equipment to help you reduce waste volumes and bale recyclable materials ready to enter the process.  

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