Industrial organizations produce a lot of plastic waste as a by-product of their operations. It is, unfortunately, a regular and necessary part of the process. Manufacturers generate plastic by-products from materials in their manufacturing process, as well as plastic in the processing and dissemination of their products.

Many industrial plastic waste producers, however, are making efforts to reduce their waste streams and they are looking for ways to cut down on the environmental impact of their operations by recycling their plastic materials. We at Plastic Expert are here to help businesses with their plastic collection and recycling needs, and with our cutting-edge recycling technologies and expertise, we guarantee to revolutionize your waste management processes. We work with businesses to reduce their environmental impact by finding secondary uses for their waste and single-use plastics. With us, you no longer have to worry about your plastic clogging up landfills and harming the environment – we recycle it all.

Recycle all Kinds of Industrial Plastic Waste

At Plastic Expert, we know that industries generate many different types of plastic waste. Take a look at some of the plastic waste that we recycle:

  • Reject plastic. When you receive an order of plastic that doesn’t meet your internal quality standards, then it can be tempting to throw it away. After all, why would you accept reject plastic? At Plastic Expert, we welcome all-recyclable reject plastic, which provides businesses with the assurance that they are disposing of their plastic compounds in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
  • Plastic trims. Rarely do manufacturers use every scrap of plastic available to them. Just as with the processing of metal and wood, factories churn out a vast amount of plastic trimmings and raw materials. With Plastic Expert, you no longer need to send these trimmings to landfill. You can pass them on to us, and we will recycle them for you, allowing other businesses to reuse them in their production process, creating an eco-friendly circular economy.
  • Redundant plastic. Disposing of unnecessary mixed plastics can sometimes be a challenge, but we at Plastic Expert, are here to help. We take your redundant plastic, break it down into small pieces, and shape them into pellets, ready to use as an input.
  • Moulding scrap. Moulding scrap is a significant source of waste for plastic manufacturers and other industries which rely on injection-moulded plastic. Even after you create the moulded plastic, you often need to trim the excess. Instead of sending this unwanted plastic to landfill, we at Plastic Expert can take it away and recycle it, bolstering your green credentials.
  • Plastic sheets. If you have excess plastics sheets that you need to recycle, why not get us to collect them for you and send them to our recycling facility.
Rigid Plastic Bales
HDPE Pipe Recycling

Types of Industrial Plastic Waste We Recycle at Plastic Expert

Plastic Expert is the leading plastic recycling company in the UK. We recycle a vast array of plastic materials that businesses produce, and we turn these recyclable materials into other useful products, all the while minimizing the plastics’ industrial impact on the environment and boosting your business’ green credentials at the same time. These post-consumer types of plastics include:



LDPE or low-density polyethylene is a common type of plastic used as an input and packaging material in all kinds of industrial settings. LDPE is cherished all over the world for its remarkable properties, such as its strength-to-weight ratio, sealing abilities, water-resistance, and ease of processing. You often find LDPE in shrink wrapping, squeezy bottles, and plastic bags for bread products. The majority of bags manufactured for retail are also LDPE.  LDPE recycling uses a standardized process to transform these objects into a generic material that manufacturers can then use to create new everyday items.

The good thing about LDPE is that it is generally less toxic than other plastics, thanks to the ability of polymers to retain their stability. This property, however, is a problem for the environment: it takes longer to break down in the soil, causing concern for many industries.

At Plastic Expert, we make it easy to recycle all your LDPE industrial waste. Once you become our valued partner and customer, you no longer have to worry about your LDPE recycling needs because we will take care of it all for you.



HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene – a type of plastic where the polymer chains that make it are compressed together. The properties of HDPE are different from LDPE. HDPE is a stiff type of plastic that manufacturers use for all kinds of purposes, including in the manufacture of toys, waste bags, retail bags, water bottles, milk bottles, and juice bottles. It is one of the most popular plastic products on the market. HDPE recycling from Plastic Expert follows a standard process to transform your waste HDPE into something that can be used again to make another plastic product.

The great thing about HDPE is that is it exceptionally hard-wearing. Again, though, it takes many hundreds of years to biodegrade in landfill. We at Plastic Expert, can help you recycle all your HDPE waste, including cuttings, redundant plastic, and piping whilst boosting your green credentials at the same time.



Polystyrene is a prominent packaging material, often used to protect inputs to your manufacturing process. A shipment, for instance, might arrive cased in polystyrene.

If this happens regularly, your business may generate a substantial quantity of polystyrene waste. Polystyrene is worse for landfill and plastic pollution than some other types of plastic waste and it can have a more catastrophic environmental effect because of its air content and tendency to flake. But with Plastic Expert by your side, you can confidently take care of your organisation’s green credentials and leave the recycling to us. As leaders in the plastic waste industry, and with our expertise and cutting-edge technologies, we can recycle expanded polystyrene. We collect polystyrene waste from your premises using a curtain sider vehicle and arrange transport on a day that suits you. We pride ourselves on excellent customer care and we work closely with our valued customers to make this process streamlined and efficient.



Industry uses PVC or polyvinyl chloride in a wide variety of applications. You can find PVC in all sorts of materials from industrial piping to cooking oil bottles and teething rings.

PVC is a popular plastic because of its ability to resist sunlight and weathering. You can leave PVC products out in the sun, and they will not degrade as much as many other varieties.

PVC, however, has been dubbed “the poison plastic.” It contains a wide variety of toxins that can leach out into the surrounding environment throughout its life, potentially causing a lot of harm to the environment.

At present, only a tiny fraction of PVC products are recycled, but here at Plastic Expert, we can help take care of your PVC waste. We specialise in regular PVC recycling as well as UPVC windows and doors recycling. With us, you can work with a single partner, instead of relying on multiple vendors.


Start your Industrial Plastic Waste Recycling Journey with Plastic Expert today

If you are looking for a partner to help your business become more sustainable, then you have come to the right place. We at Plastic Expert believe that all industrial organisations can reduce their plastic footprint and make their businesses greener and more efficient.

Plastic waste recycling is quick and easy with Plastic Expert.  We take care of the entire process for you from start to finish, and will even collect your industrial plastic waste at a time that suits you. With our wealth of experience and cutting edge recycling technologies, your waste recycling needs are in expert hands. We pride ourselves on excellent customer care and we work closely with our valued customers to provide a service that is best suited to your individual setting.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help make your business greener, get in touch with us today and find out about our incredible recycling facilities.

With us, you can cut your carbon footprint and make your enterprise more sustainable. Get in touch with us today for all your LDPE, HDPE, Polystyrene and PVC recycling needs and we will be delighted to help you.