What Does Waste Biodegrading In Landfill Produce

What Does Waste Biodegrading In Landfill Produce

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What Does Waste Biodegrading In Landfill Produce & How Does This Impact The Planet?

Waste biodegrading in landfill produces various toxins and pollutants. These contribute to global warming, and pollution to the ground and waterways. In the UK alone, there are around 500 operational landfills, with China producing the most municipal solid waste.

Whilst waste biodegrades in landfill, it specifically produces toxins including:

Greenhouse Gas

Landfill gas including carbon dioxide and methane emissions are produced from biodegradable items. Greenhouse gases including methane are produced where organic materials, including food scraps, decomposes anaerobically. 

Whilst biodegradable products break down without oxygen, they release both methane and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide usually stays in the ground, whilst methane releases into the atmosphere. 

Biodegradable plastic products in landfill sites may never decompose, and can take hundreds of years. Food waste, paper and other organic waste creates methane which is 23 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide. These compostable products should be recycled or composted to save this harm in landfill sites.


waste biodegrading in landfill sites

Why Recycling Is Essential For Your Business

Waste seen in landfill sites such as conventional plastics, wood, cardboard, and other materials should always be recycled where possible. This will reduce the amount sent to landfill and the vast harm that it causes when festering there.

What Are The Benefits Of Recycling Our Waste?

When we recycle, we can both cut pollution and save raw materials from being used in production. This means items can be repurposed into new products and save space in landfill sites. Not only does it produce harmful toxins here, but can also pollute our environments. Examples include plastic waste ending up in the ocean by leaking into waterways from landfills. There are approximately 50-75 trillion pieces of plastic and microplastics currently in the ocean.

Divert Waste From Landfill With Plastic Expert

At Plastic Expert we can collect and recycle your bulk loads of waste. We are helping businesses across the UK divert large volumes of materials from biodegrading in landfills. We also provide recycling balers to help you reduce volumes and store bulk loads of waste easily. As materials are prepared into bales, they can also enter the recycling process properly. Whilst the equipment creates compact bales, you can also benefit from more space at your facility and fewer collections needed to remove the waste. This in turn cuts disposal costs and carbon emissions.

Make Money From Your Recycling With Us

Our waste management team can even offer rebates for certain amounts of waste, meaning you can make money at the same time. If you are looking for a one-stop shop for your recyclable waste then get in touch today. 

Please note, we do not deal with compostable materials such as food and green waste. This should be disposed of using a composting facility or your local collection.

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