PP  Plastic Recycling


PP (Polypropylene) is a very common type of plastic and has many uses in product and items we use every single day. Items made from PP will have the universal recycling mark ‘Number 5’ within the recycling triangle. PP is very recyclable and its versatility ensures there always an end market for the right quality of recycled material. Unlike items such as carrier bags, PP plastic is much more rigid and can handle high melting points.

Uses of PP Plastic:

PP has many uses, it’s composition means that it’s one of the lightest plastic available whilst it’s still reasonably strong. Its uses include:

  • Automotive Plastic – (Car Bumpers)
  • Household goods and containers
  • Crates and Boxes
  • Garden Furniture
  • Domestic Appliances
  • Plastic bottle tops
  • Plastic trays

How Is PP Recycled?

PP is normally recycled by reducing the rigid material into granules. Most plastic factories will separate the different grades of PP material before processing; this creates a better quality product for onward sale to manufacturers. The price of PP is a commodity and global market forces such as oil prices drive the price. If your household has a small load of polypropylene recyclable materials such as yoghurt pots, bottles, or containers, you can use your local authorities bin collection to dispose of this waste safely. However, if you are creating a large bulk as a business, you will benefit from using a recycling company such as Plastic Expert.

pp plastic home containers
Plastic Bottle cap

The Importance Of Recycling Plastic

By using a recycling facility to dispose of your plastic waste, you can save vital raw materials from being used again in production. Plastic packaging is becoming a huge contributor to landfill pollution, where its impact has major effects on pollution and the rate of global warming. Recycling and using an eco-friendly approach will help us reduce the amount ending up in our environments, and also slow down the rate at which we are using energy and new resources.

Contact Plastic Expert For Sustainable Plastic Disposal

At Plastic Expert, we specialise in plastic recycling for businesses across the UK. Whatever plastic waste you are looking to dispose of, we can provide an efficient and flexible collection suiting your business needs. We buy a whole range of scrap and recycled plastic material including LDPE, HDPE, PP,uPVC, and Mixed Rigids plastic bales. If you are looking for equipment to store your and contain your waste streams effectively, we also offer a range of balers for hire and lease. Contact us by email at expert@plasticexpert.co.uk or via phone on 01327 811850 to find out more about our recycling and waste management services.