Packaging Manufacturer Case Study

Packaging Manufacturer – LDPE film, PP Sacks, and Cardboard Collection

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We received an enquiry from a packaging manufacturer in regards to their baled recyclable waste being produced on site, and the difficulties they were experiencing with managing the large quantities. This recyclable waste consisted of three different grades (LDPE film, PP Sacks, and Cardboard). The baler currently used was producing over sized 500kg+ bales, causing difficulties when loading the lorry for transportation. However, Plastic Expert was able to find alternative options capable of taking all three grades at once to create an efficient collection process.

How We Helped

After receiving the initial call, a member of the team visited the company to take a look at the material being produced. Two suggestions were made: the baler could be adjusted to make smaller bales, therefore making loading easier, or, we could look into transportation options to meet the customers needs. We then discussed an option of completing a split load collection (taking all three grades back to the one factory).

Collection and Recycling

At Plastic Expert we provide quick, flexible services, and within a few days a collection was arranged and we were able to clear all of the bales from site. A high top lorry was ordered on this occasion, and the customer loaded a total of 27 bales including a mixture of all three grades. This material was then taken back to a single factory where all three grades could be broken down and recycled for further creation of new materials. We have now been successfully collecting this material for over two and a half years, providing a reliable, high quality service to meet the needs of our customer.

Baled Recyclable Waste

Packaging Manufacturer Case Study

Recycling Reports and Documentation

Full recycling documentation and a report including the total recorded weights were given out to the customer following the completion of this collection. This provides our customers with both legal documentation, and data to understand the full collection and recycling process we have provided; allowing them to see the huge benefits of our services.

Environmental Impact and Cost Savings

With the services provided, we were able to load more bales onto the lorry and send all three grades together, meaning that the company were able to limit their transportation; assisting in cutting down on emissions and reducing pollution on the environment. We were also able to offer the customer an increased rebate due to loading a higher weight, providing our customers huge cost and environmental savings.

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