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Uses Of Plastic In The Automotive Sector

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How Plastic Is Used In the Automotive Sector

Various types of plastics are used across the automotive sector, whether that be during manufacturing or for products applied as protection to vehicles after selling. You may find plastic in your car used for exterior trims, fuel systems, claddings and many other elements. Studies have recently found that there are in fact about 30,000 parts in a vehicle, out of which 1/3 are made of plastic.

What Plastic Is Used To Manufacture Vehicles?

The 4 types of plastic mostly used in cars include polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and polycarbonate. These materials have been used for parts such as car bumpers, electrical insulation, panels, wheel covers, door parts and small gears. Seat belts are also made from nylon.

What Plastic Is Used To Protect A Cars Exterior?

Protective products created for cars are also known to use plastic materials, such as paint protection film (PPF). This film is designed from clear polyurethane, which is a flexible and durable plastic material. PPFs are applied as an extra layer to a vehicle’s exterior to add protection from various elements such as environmental impact, scratches, grime and water spots.

Benefits Of Plastic In Car Manufacturing

Due to its versatility and moulding abilities, plastic is highly favoured in the design and manufacturing of cars. Plastic such as polypropylene has chemical and heat resistant properties along with strong characteristics to hold against hard impact. 

Plastic materials have also enabled cars to become more energy efficient by reducing their weight and cutting fuel costs: This in turn has resulted in less greenhouse gas emissions. One of the great things about plastic is although it reduces the weight of the car, it still has an incredible ability to withstand weathering and corrosion experienced in different climate conditions.

Recycling Plastic In The Automotive Sector

Recycling in the automotive sector has been on the rise year by year. Many manufacturers are working towards cutting their carbon footprint and ensuring recycling and reusing materials where possible, whether that be plastics or metals. Whilst plastic waste has posed a threat to the planet, making sure to recycle all of the materials where possible will help to cut pollution. As mentioned, plastic has also helped the automotive industry to in fact improve energy efficiency helping to cut emissions that are contributing to global warming.

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