HDPE Water pipes

HDPE Water Pipe Collection

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We received an enquiry from a water company who needed help recycling up to 30 tonnes of HDPE water pipe. At Plastic Expert, we can recycle most types of HDPE pipe regardless of the colour and have experience in the water, gas and contracting Industries, so our customer was in great hands.. The pipe provided was redundant stock from a recent improvement scheme. The site had been given a deadline to have all of the pipe removed in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

How We Helped

Plastic Expert provided multiple 40 yard RORO skips to ensure an efficient collection. The water company had also cut down the pipes into more manageable pieces of upto 6ft long, which were loaded and filled, saving valuable space. We placed our skips into the site within 3 working days, and as a flexible recycling company, provided collection dates based around the customers schedules. On two occasions, we performed a wait and load service to meet their needs.

Collection and Recycling

Once we collected and exchanged the full skips of pipe, they were sent straight to a licensed recycling facility. The materials are firstly shredded, and then granulated ready for the next part of the cycle. The material is then reintroduced back into the manufacturing market to be made into new household and commercial products.

HDPE Water Pipes

HDPE Utility Pipe Collection

Recycling Reports and Documentation

At Plastic Expert, we will always provide a professional service and ensure our customers have a full understanding of the service being given and our recycling process. For the water company, full recycling documentation and a report including the total recorded weights were given out to the customer following the completion of this collection.

Environmental Impact and Cost Savings

The customer indicated that given the deadline in place, and the amount of pipe needed to be removed, their only other option would have been to dispose of it and pay the charges involved. We were able to recycle, collect and offer rebates to the customer, saving both them money and damages to the environment. With our recycling service, we were able to effectively collect and recycle all of the water companies HDPE pipes, allowing various other forms of products and packaging to be created. By recycling these plastic materials we are able to reduce the carbon footprint of disposal, delivering both environmental and commercial savings.

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