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Identifying The Problem

We received a baler enquiry from a global logistics company who needed help diverting their recyclable plastic and card waste from their 40 yard general waste bin. The site currently spends over £800 a month exchanging a 40 yard skip which predominantly has only recyclable product taken away for disposal.  The bin consists of clear LDPE film, strapping and card waste. All three of these products can now be separated, baled, collected and recycled using our baler hire service. This enables the business to efficiently store waste, earn rebates, and increase their recycling rates.

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How We Helped

We provided the customer with a baler quote on a three year lease, which was then signed off and agreed. The baler was delivered within 4 weeks of the signed paperwork, with the installation and staff training taking place on the same day as delivery. This created a seamless process for the team to quickly start baling their waste. An account manager attended the site on the day of delivery along with the engineer, who helped the customer with making their first bale. This consisted of 12 larges boxes of film, that would have otherwise gone into the skip and not been recycled.

The Process Of Collection & Recycling

The customer is now going to continue to bale the rest of the film they have accumalated and use this method moving forward. They will then store the bales inside, and once they have a full lorry load ready we will provide the customer with a collection.  This business will benefit from earning rebates on their materials, and make huge savings on the cost of bin exchanges. Once collected, the bales are transported to our local licensed centre to be recycled. This recycling site is less than 30 miles away, which will also help them cut down on carbon emissions.

Recycling Reports & Documentation

Full recycling documentation and a report including the total recorded weights will be given out to the customer following the completion of this collection. Regular site visits will also be conducted by an account manager to support the baling process, and ensure the material being recycled is of a good quality. This enables us to create a smooth experience for our customer and recycle as much was as possible.

Environmental & Cost Benefits

By recycling with Plastic Expert, the customer will avoid disposal costs and fees associated with the 40 yard bin they were previously using. The business are also going to install a smaller bin on site specifically for general waste, to save further space in landfills. This will reduce further pollution and virgin resources in the production of products.  If you are looking for a baler hire service, get in touch with our team today. We have a vast range of baling equipment available, depending on your business size and waste requirements.

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