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RBM – Distribution Company Case Study

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RBM Case Study – Identifying The Problem

We received an enquiry from a distribution company who needed help recycling a large quantity of unwanted books. These books were stored in boxes and palletised ready to be collected and recycled. This makes an efficient collection as waste is packaged and reduced ready for transportation.

As they were looking for a recycling service, the distribution company contacted our team to find a sustainable solution for their book waste. We specialise in recycling books, as this waste cannot be recycled along with other paper items due to the glue thats used to bind the books together.  

palletised book recycling
book recycling services

How We Helped

Plastic Expert organised a total of three collections from two separate locations and recycled 48 tonnes of books in total. Each lorry contained 26 pallets, with each pallet being securely wrapped for transportation. This was commercially efficient as less trips were needed with the waste condensed. The site also provided staff and loading equipment to load into our curtain sider lorry.  

The Collection & Recycling Service

On each collection day an estimated time was requested and given to provide a smooth process for the customer. Once we collected the books, they were transported straight to our licensed centres to be repurposed into new products. 

Recycling Reports & Documentation

Full recycling documentation and a report including the total recorded weights were given out to the customer following the collection. Theses allow our customers to see the incredible results of our services and how much waste they are recycling. All of which contributes to reducing their carbon footprint.

Environmental & Cost Benefits

By recycling with Plastic Expert, the customer avoided disposing of this product in landfills. Here, harmful toxins are emitted and pollution into the environment. With our help, the distribution company found a sustainable route to dispose of their bulk waste.

Looking forward, they have said that they will aim to use Plastic Expert again for any further redundant stock/material. This means we can work together to increase their recycling rates and cut carbon emissions.

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