Covid screen recycling case study

Covid Screen Recycling Case Study

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Identifying The Problem

We received an enquiry from a business that was left with over 150 tonnes of covid screen recycling. This was made from polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), which is also known as acrylic. At Plastic Expert, we provide a specialist recycling service for acrylic waste, which can be repurposed into new acrylic sheets, construction materials, and automotive components.

How We Helped

Providing a 100% recycling scheme and collection service, the customer was able to save this waste from incineration and act using environmentally-friendly processes. Incineration of PMMA presents several negative effects, including the release of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases.
covid screen recycling

The Process Of Collection & Recycling

As the business was also located in central London with site restrictions and time restraints, our team had to work quickly and efficiently to remove the waste. We cleared and recycled the covid screens within 1 month, allowing the business to open up space and boost their recycling rates.

Recycling Reports & Documentation

Full recycling documentation and a report including the total recorded weights were given out to the customer following completion. This allows our customers to realise the huge benefits and quantity of waste they have recycled. 

Environmental & Cost Benefits

By recycling their acrylic waste with Plastic Expert, the customer avoided sending this plastic to waste-to-energy plants. Here, harmful toxins are emitted and pollution into the environment. With our help, the business was able to find a sustainable route to dispose of their PMMA covid screens.

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