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At Plastic Expert, we accept books at a minimum of 3 tonnes (location depending). Customers we have experience collecting books from include distribution companies. You can also donate books to a local charity shop or sell unwanted books online if in a good condition. This may be the best way to dispose of smaller volumes.
It’s important to use a specialist team such as ourselves to recycle your books effectively. Usually, books are difficult when recycling because of the glue that binds them together. However, you can book a slot with our experienced team to have the books collected and recycled.

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We collected and recycled 48 tonnes of books in total through three collections from two separate locations. This included 26 pallets of book waste.


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We can book in a collection on a day that suits you, and have the paper waste cleared away quickly. We also provide paper waste compactors if you have other waste you need to store and dispose of easily.
Please note, we do not provide recycling services for household waste. This can be taken to a household waste recycling centre or local library to be reused. Ensuring we reuse and recycle books will help to save vital raw resources, energy and water consumption.

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How Our Services Work

Contact our team at Plastic Expert providing the type and quantity of book waste, location, photos & how the materials are stored.
We’ll then prepare a quote and email this to you. Once you’re happy to go ahead with a collection, simply make a payment and we’ll book transport.
Collections will be made on a day to suit your business. Let us know in advance of any loading requirements for our collection vehicles.
Full waste transfer documentation will be provided on collection. All of your waste items will then be fully recycled into new products.


The books are taken to a recycling facility where they are processed, with the paper being de-inked, pulped, and converted into new paper products, while the covers and bindings are recycled into other materials.
The minimum collection for our book recycling service is 3 tonnes of books. This threshold allows us to efficiently manage our resources and provide a more cost-effective service for our clients.
We collect from locations across the UK. Depending on the location, the minimum collection requirement of 3 tonnes may be adjusted to accommodate logistics and transportation costs. Please contact us to discuss the specific details of your location and requirements.
For some waste we can offer a rebate for paper, scrap plastic and cardboard, for others there is a collection charge. Our service is usually more cost effective than using a general waste collector. If you’d like a quote for a specific collection, please get in touch.

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