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At Plastic Expert, we provide a wide range of paper waste compactors, balers, and recycling services for paper waste. With the help of our waste compactors and baling machine, you can significantly cut waste volumes and reduce costs for your business. Our variety of high quality vertical balers and heavy duty machinery can handle waste paper, cardboard, plastics, other general waste items and even glass.

Through using waste compaction machinery, you can save space, store waste appropriately for the paper recycling process, and speed up collections and labour time. This is key to boosting the efficiency of your waste management, whilst limiting your impact on the planet. Waste recycling is also vital for saving raw materials during production, resulting in cutting the carbon footprint of your business and boosting green credentials.
Bag Press Compactor

The Paper Waste Compactors Available

The Bag Press

This piece of equipment is perfect for dry recyclables such as paper, cardboard and plastic, whilst also catering for organic waste. The bag press is easy to use and efficient, with a press force of 3 tonnes and compaction ratio of up to 10:1.

Bag Press Compactor
Bin Press

The Bin Press 1100L

This neat piece of machinery has a 3.5 tonne press force, and a compaction ratio of 3:1 depending on the materials used. There is an adaptor also available to compact 660 litre bins.

CE2000 Static Compactor

If you are creating larger volumes of recyclable waste, one of our static compactors could be the solution. This powerful machine has a 32 tonne compaction force and can be used alongside a waste baler. The power packs used are also energy-efficient meaning you are reducing your carbon footprint along the way.

CE3000 Static Compactor
CE3000 Static Compactor

CE3000 Static Compactor

Similar to the CE2000, this machine comes with a 32 tonne compaction force, facilitating 4:1 volume reduction of commercial and industrial waste. The static compactors also come with data management; with sms/email alerts for filling levels and fault status.

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If your business is looking for a solution to your paper waste handling, you will highly benefit from one of our paper compactors or balers. With a variety of sizes, our machinery can suit a range of workplaces if you are limited to space; also suitable for placement outdoors. Each of our clients can be provided with a waste site survey & duty of care documentation when using our services. Get in touch with one of the team today if you are interested in finding out more about our paper bale compactors, and we will be happy to talk you through the best solution for your specific requirements.

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