Where To Sell Cardboard Recycling

Where To Sell Cardboard Recycling

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When it comes to handling your company’s cardboard waste, it can be easy to simply flatten any and all cardboard boxes down and chuck them into the general waste bin. It’s out of sight, out of mind, and you think nothing more of your business’ approach to waste management. However, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you continue on like this. 

After all, dealing with waste items like corrugated cardboard properly is a very important matter in the modern world. A material this capable of being recycled is worth more than simply being sent to landfill, and as a waste management company ourselves, we’re keen to ensure you know what to do with your cardboard recycling and are saving money. 

The Importance of Recycling as a Business

If you’re a business that likes to throw away their cardboard without a second thought, it’s within your interests to enact a recycling process as soon as possible. Indeed, recycled cardboard can bring a profitable boom, a sustainable image, and a low emission conscience to your company as a whole. 

But recycling on a large, long term scale can be hard to pull off. That’s where selling your cardboard recycling becomes effective; selling to a waste management company is a great solution.

How Waste Management Companies Can Help

In the world of local recycling, selling to a waste management company who can handle your bulk needs is best. It’s easy for a small business or even a large company to turn out upwards of 10 tonnes of cardboard and paper waste per year.

A waste management company bridges this gap. They’re a cost effective solution, and can save you a lot of money when you work with them long term. Indeed, selling your cardboard to a recycling expert can even net you a profit. 

However, please note that depending on the size and volumes of cardboard you’re dealing with, the money you recieve can fluctuate. Market demand can vary from time to time, and many companies operate on a rebate scheme to recycle materials. The good news is, waste cardboard has been in excellent demand over the last decade. 

Waste Management Equipment

If you’re curious to know how waste management plants are so effective at dealing with your recyclable waste, there are various technologies on the market that make this process quick and simple. No longer do paper products need to be broken down and remade by hand. 

Within some companies, you’ll find equipment such as a cardboard baler and a cardboard compactor. This equipment is essential to the recycling process, it compacts the volume of the waste material and allows haulage companies to collect and ship to recycling facilities and paper mills in the UK.

Similarly, in the process of baling cardboard, we’re able to make the process more cost effective by eliminating material that may interrupt the process, as well as store the combined weight for later. This allows stock to build up and be recycled in bulk. 

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