Can You Recycle Wet Cardboard?

Can You Recycle Wet Cardboard?

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Can Wet Cardboard Be Recycled?

When cardboard boxes get wet, the fibers within the material become weakened, which can affect the quality of the recycled material. In the recycling process, strong fibers are essential for producing high-quality recycled cardboard. Unfortunately, when these fibers are weakened by moisture, the integrity of the recycled product can be compromised.

The Challenge With Wet Cardboard

Cardboard is one of the most commonly recycled materials, widely known for its reusability and recyclability. From local recycling initiatives to large-scale recycling centres, cardboard recycling is a fundamental process in minimising waste. 

However, the condition of the cardboard plays a pivotal role in determining its recyclability. When cardboard becomes wet, it poses a unique challenge in the recycling process.

While slightly damp cardboard can sometimes go through the recycling process, thoroughly soaked cardboard is often problematic. Most recycling centres advise against placing wet cardboard in recycling bins. The reason is that wet cardboard can contaminate other materials and can cause issues in the machinery used for recycling.

Cardboard Best Practices For Businesses

For businesses looking to enhance their recycling efforts, especially concerning cardboard waste, it’s crucial to keep cardboard dry and clean. Here are some practical tips:

Storage: Store cardboard boxes in a dry area to prevent them from getting wet. Ensure that all cardboard waste is stored in a covered or indoor area to protect it from the elements. This not only prevents the cardboard from getting wet but also maintains the quality of the material for recycling.

Segregation: Keep wet cardboard separate from dry, recyclable cardboard to avoid contamination. You may use separate bins for wet and dry waste. Clearly label these bins and educate your staff about the importance of this segregation to the recycling process.

Consultation: Engage with our expert team to understand the best practices for recycling cardboard in your business. We can offer insights into optimising your recycling process and dealing with challenges like wet cardboard.

Cardboard Baler Hire: Hiring a baler can enable your business to compact and store away your cardboard waste neatly. With the help of a baler, businesses can reduce waste volumes and utilise space on-site effectively.

Our Role In Recycling Cardboard For Businesses

At Plastic Expert, we specialise in managing and recycling bulk loads of cardboard waste for businesses. Our experts are adept at handling various challenges in cardboard recycling. We guide businesses in implementing effective waste management strategies, ensuring that as much material as possible is recycled and diverted from incineration and landfills.

Businesses often face the challenge of dealing with various types of waste, including cardboard. As a UK leader in recycling bulk loads of cardboard waste for businesses, we frequently encounter queries about the recyclability of waste. Understanding the nuances of this issue can help businesses contribute more effectively to sustainability efforts.

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