where can i recycle books

Where Can I Recycle Books In The UK

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Can I Recycle Books?

Books are recyclable, yet by specific recycling centeres and waste companies. Due to the glue thats used to bind books, they shouldn’t be disposed of along with other paper waste in the recycling bin; this is because the glue cannot necessarily be removed during the recycling process. 

Where Can I Recycle Books?

Bulk loads of unwanted books can be collected by us at Plastic Expert, and transported to our licensed recycling centres for further repurposing. This makes it easy for businesses with large volumes of book waste to recycle the waste items appropriately. We also offer collection and recycling services for CDs, DVDs, plastic and cardboard waste.

What If I Only Have A Small Amount Of Books To Recycle?

Unfortunately, we recycle books based on a minimum 3 tonnes. If you are getting rid of household waste, you can donate items to local libraries or charity shops such as the Salvation Army. Alternatively, if in good condition you could always sell books onto others. People often buy books that are of a good condition. 

The Environmental Benefits Of Recycling Books

Paper recycling saves vital raw resources from being used in the production of paper, such as cutting down trees. This in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps slow down climate change. It also takes a huge 70% less energy and water to recycle paper than it does to produce new paper from trees and saves large amounts of landfill space.

The Business Benefits Of Recycling Books

When boosting recycling rates, businesses are able to show off their green credentials and gain admiration from customers. This is a great way to stand out against competitors, and also may build productivity in the workplace if employees feel they are part of a new recycling scheme. You can also open up a new revenue stream for rebates on bulk loads of waste from waste companies.

Book Your Collection For Bulk Loads Of Books

If you meet the criteria to have you books collected and recycled, get in touch with our friendly team today about our book recycling service. Our experienced team divert huge amounts of waste from landfill and can work with you to reduce your carbon footprint. We also offer waste balers and paper compactors if you are regularly creating waste.

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