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Is your organisation creating large volumes of commercial and industrial waste? If so, our heavy duty stationary compactors could be the perfect solution for you. Whether you are creating general waste types or recyclable materials such as cardboard and plastics, this piece of machinery significantly reduces the volume of on-site waste.
If you are regularly filling up skips with materials, whether that be roll on roll off, our CE2000 and CE3000 compactors offer a 32 tonne compaction force with intelligent electronics and hydraulics for a high-performance compaction ratio. Our 40 yard compactors for sale provide optimum payloads and less skip lifts, meaning more savings for you.
To help organisations of all sizes, we also offer trash compactors for wheelie bins, vertical compactors, portable waste compactors and a range of balers to suit all of our clients requirements. With the help of our machinery, you will be able to improve your waste management whilst using more sustainable processes to manage your waste.
CE3000 Static Compactor

The Skip Compactors Available

CE3000 Static Compactor

CE2000 Static Compactor

With a compaction force of 32 tonnes, this machine is increasingly popular in handling large volumes of commercial and industrial waste. It also offers optional auxiliary equipment such as hydraulic bin lifter system with a galvanised safety cage.

CE3000 Static Compactor

The CE3000 can handle up to 190³ of dry mixed waste and recyclables per hour. It also includes twin hydraulic rams and a 32 tonne compaction force.

CE3000 Static Compactor

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With these leading pieces of machinery, you will be able to effectively manage large amounts of waste whilst saving vital space on site. Not only will you save costs from compacting waste, but they also use energy-efficient power packs for low electricity costs! Get in touch with our team today to discuss your options and find the best compactor for your specific requirements.

Please note, we do not provide roll packers, pre-crushers or hook lift compactors that need lift vehicles.

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