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At Plastic Expert, we have a wide range of rubbish compactors and balers available for businesses. With the help of our compactors and balers your business can considerably reduce waste disposal costs due to fewer transportation trips on collection, whilst saving space in landfills. Having your waste effectively managed will also save time and space in the workplace and boost your green credentials.
Our compactor, such as the Bin Press 1100L which can also handle 600ltr bins, is the perfect compactor designed for organisations looking to compact the contents of your bin bags in standard wheelie bins; these may be plastic or stainless steel. We also have numerous other high quality machinery to choose from when it comes to compacting your rubbish bin materials ready for your waste disposal collection.
Bin Press

The Wheelie Bin Waste Compactors & Balers Available

Small vertical baler

The 75 Baling Press

This small vertical baler’s compact design is ideal for a small work environment where space is tight, such as retail outlets, offices, pubs, or restaurants. 

The 250 Baling Press

The 250 baling press offers bale weights up to 250kg, including a 16-tonne press force and a 1200mm wide feed aperture. The 250 baling press is equally helpful for the volume reduction of plastic and cardboard. 

cardboard balers
Bin Press

The Bin Press 1100L

This neat piece of machinery has a 3.5 tonne press force, and a compaction ratio of 3:1 depending on the materials used. The waste compactor also has a waste bin lifter incorporated to ensure bin wheels are not damaged during compaction.

The Bag Press

This piece of equipment is perfect for recyclables such as cardboard and plastic, whilst also catering for food/kitchen waste. It also has a split chamber for quick and simple bag removal.

Bag Press Compactor
PE 205 Drum Press

The 205 Drum Press

This machine is suitable for up to 210L barrels, with a 24 tonne press force. It’s totally enclosed shell ensures a high level of safety and can also be sited outside.

The Glass Crusher

This piece of equipment can tackle glass bottles of varying sizes with a 5:1 compaction ratio. Suitable for 140l and 220l wheelie bins means that it is popular amongst hotels, clubs and restaurants.

Glass crusher

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If your business is looking for a smaller piece of machinery capable of handling both wet and dry recyclables, our wheelie bin compactors are the perfect choice for you. With our easy to use, quick rubbish compactors you will start saving money, reduce the number of waste collection trips and increase efficiency in your workplace. Each of our clients can be provided with a waste site survey & duty of care documentation when using our services. Get in touch with one of the team to save on waste today, and we will be happy to talk you through your options and even our waste collection service. Our specialist team are able to collect and recycle your baled waste offering great rebates for bulk loads of waste items.

Please note, we do not provide services for household general waste items. Please use your local waste collection service to dispose of these materials appropriately.

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