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At Plastic Expert, we offer a wide range of plastic compactors and plastic balers to help businesses reduce volumes of waste materials. Most organisations create plastic waste, which may be resulting in a high amount of waste collections due to piles of plastic products. However, with the help of our compactors and baler machines, your plastic waste can be reduced in size for less transportation trips: This means that you are saving money whilst effectively managing your waste recycling.
Our compactor and baling machines can handle most types of plastic, whether that may be plastic packaging waste, plastic film, or other general waste such as plastic bags. With the help of these compactors, recyclers materials can be stored effectively and transported easily to enter recycling machines for further repurposing. This results in less raw materials being used to create new products, and space saved in landfills from your waste materials.
All of our machines are CE approved, safe to use and have helped a range of businesses across the UK create a more efficient workplace whilst cutting costs. Our comprehensive variety of machinery can cater to a range of requirements, from heavy-duty large equipment to compact machines that can fit in limited spaces; so you can find exactly what is right for you.
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The Plastic Compactors Available

The 250 Baling Press

The 250 baling press offers bale weights up to 250kg, including a 16-tonne press force and a 1200mm wide feed aperture. The 250 baling press is equally helpful for the volume reduction of plastic and cardboard. 

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The 550 Baling Press

This larger plastic baler can handle a high volume of waste: including a massive 50-tonne press force and a 1500mm wide feed aperture and full stroke compaction. The 550 baling press is perfect for an array of materials such as mixed rigid plastic and even tyres.

The Bag Press

This piece of equipment is perfect for recyclables such as cardboard and plastic, with a press force of 3 tonnes. It is also simple to use and compresses waste materials into sealed bags making the process seamless.

Bag Press Compactor
Bin Press

The Bin Press

This piece of equipment has been designed to handle waste volumes in 660 and 1100 litre bins. The waste compactor is perfect for businesses generating waste too quickly and suits a range of recyclable materials such as plastic.

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The Benefits Of Using A Plastic Compactor

These easy-to-operate machines are a great way for you to save space at your workplace or site whilst speeding up the waste management process. We even offer compact machines for organisations with limited space to place the equipment, benefiting from a neat machine to reduce your volumes of waste. If you are creating large amounts of plastic waste using skips on site, we also have heavy duty machines available for sale and hire.
When using this machinery, your business will also boost your green credentials which can be a great way to gain new clients. People admire companies that are acting in ways which are benefiting the planet, and this can be a key way to unlock more clients.
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If your business is looking for an effective waste handling machine, Plastic Expert has the answer. With our range of compactors, balers, and recycling services, we can offer you the full service in managing your plastic waste. Our team is passionate about diverting waste from landfill, and recycle a huge variety of different plastic waste materials for organisations across the UK. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your options and find out more about our machinery, or book in any collections for your recyclable materials.

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