Vehicle Plastic Recycling

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The recycling of vehicle plastic is a significant part of the recycling and automotive industry.  Parts are made from various polymers including ‘cross polymer’ items which means they’re often more difficult to recycle. We collect and pay rebates for single stream and mixed types of plastics material, these must be baled for transportation purposes. Contamination such as dirt, metal and other non-plastic materials has an impact on the value of each bale. We’re on hand to assist you, simply give us a call and we’d be delighted to discuss further.

Thinking of getting started?

If you’re in the automotive industry, a body shop, manufacturer or recycling centre. It’s important to be armed with all the facts. We can provide you with a ‘Plastic Recycling – Getting Started’ guide. We can provide a variety of different balers and compaction machines which are specifically designed to deal with vehicle plastic recycling.


Unlike many traders or brokers, we buy baled car bumpers all year round. We supply the factories directly with large volumes of material from the UK, this means you’ll always be able to have your material collected in full consignments. Collection is made using a curtain sider vehicle and transport can be arranged on the most suitable day.

Photo: Vehicle Plastic Recycling in action!

vehicle plastic recycling
Baled material – Vehicle Plastic Recycling

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