Recycling Car Bumpers Across The UK

Efficient Plastic Car Bumper Recycling

We offer a national collection service for recycling plastic car bumpers, with prices starting from £195 depending on location and quantity. Regular collections would require our ‘unlimited’ service whereby a single payment is made to cover a whole year of collections. This is much cheaper than paying for one-off collections and allows your business to save money for waste disposal costs.

Where To Dispose Of Car Bumpers

We are able to collect and recycle car bumpers, covers, side skirts and tyres all over the UK. Our network of regional collectors will issue your company with a duty of care certificate to complete all compliance requirements.
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Automotive Waste We Collect

We can collect any of these plastic items if you produce a large amount of waste:

Complete Car Bumpers

We collect and recycle complete car bumpers for businesses nationwide. This may be for garages, body work and repair shops, and various other automotive businesses.

Accident Damaged Car Bumpers / Scrap Plastic

We can also dispose of damaged car bumpers and scrap plastic. This allows businesses with vehicles from accidents to dispose of waste safely.

Side Skirts

Car side skirts can also be collected by our team. These are usually made from polypropylene (PP) plastic.

Wheel Arch Liners

If you have a large volume of wheel arch liners to dispose of, we can provide a professional collection and recycling service.

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How Our Services Work

Contact our team at Plastic Expert providing your quantity of car bumpers, location, photos & how the bumpers are stored.
We’ll then prepare a quote and email this to you. Once you’re happy to go ahead with a collection, simply make a payment and we’ll book transport.
Collections will then be made on a day to suit your businesses schedule. Please let us know any loading or access requirements in advance.
Full waste transfer documentation will be provided on collection. All of your waste items will then be fully recycled into new products.

Importance Of Recycling Car Plastic Waste

Automotive plastic scrap is of significant importance as current manufacturer’s guidelines and EU directives call for a recyclate/virgin blend. Most car bumpers are made from a mix of PP (Polypropylene), Polyolefins (TPO), or Polycarbonate. Although, each model and make can contain slight variations. With body shops generating a huge amount of plastic waste, making sure that items such as plastic bumpers are disposed of sustainably is essential to saving the materials from landfills. We also take car of other automotive parts, including nylon recycling from seat belts.

How to dispose of a plastic car bumper

At Plastic Expert, we deploy ethical and sustainable recycling methods to ensure our service is both compliant and excellent value for money. Reducing the carbon footprint across the planet can be done through sustainable waste management. Making use of the recycling sector to dispose of unwanted materials in an environmentally friendly manner is key to helping us move towards a greener future. With our plastic recyclers, you can recycle your car bumpers, plastic waste and many other materials. All recycled plastics and other materials can then be reintroduced back into the multi million pound industry.

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