utility pipe collection case study

Utility Pipe Collection Case Study

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Recycling 12+ Tonnes Of HDPE Pipe


Identify The Problem

We received an enquiry from a utility contractor who needed help recycling 12+ tonnes of HDPE pipe. The pipe was redundant stock from a recent improved scheme. The site had been given a deadline to have all of the pipe removed in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way. As specialists in recycling HDPE pipe waste, we were the perfect solution to help dispose of this material safely.

How We Helped

Plastic Expert provided the site 4 x 50 yard skips across two days. The company cut down the pipe into more manageable pieces of 4.5 metres long. This was to ensure the skip was loaded and filled saving valuable space. We performed a wait and load service to meet their needs and the staff provided the loading equipment required.

The Collection & Recycling Process

Once we collected the full skips of pipe they were sent straight to our domestic in house factory.  Our factory firstly shredded and then granulated the pipe into pellets. These pellets will then be reintroduced back into the plastic manufacturing market to be made into new household and commercial products. This means the business was able to act sustainably whilst saving money and time. 

hdpe pipes
hpde pipe waste

Recycling Reports & Documentation

Full recycling documentation and a report including the total recorded weights were given out to the customer following the completion of this collection. A full report of each collected load is sent through to us by our domestic factory and then sent onto the customer (this is known as a Waste Transfer Note WTN) showing the total amount of weight collected. 

Environmental & Cost Benefits

The customer admitted that given the deadline in place and the amount of pipe needed to be removed from site, his only other option would have been to dispose of it and pay the charges involved. This includes the waste ending up in landfills, where we see major negative impacts. By using our recycling service, we were able to divert the waste from these sites and save pollution from occurring. If you have a bulk load of HDPE pipe recycling to dispose of, get in touch with our team today to book a collection.

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