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HDPE Pipe Recycling
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Get in touch today if you are looking for a service to recycle your HDPE utility pipe waste. We recycle HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipe from the water, gas and contracting industries. The material is processed and turned back into various other forms of construction products or packaging items. We can recycle most types of HDPE pipe regardless of the colour and offer various options for storage and collection.


We received an enquiry from a utility contractor who needed help recycling 12+ tonnes of HDPE pipe. Plastic Expert provided the site 4 x 50 yard skips across two days.

The HDPE Utility Pipe Recycling Service

Collection Option 1: We can provide 40-50 cubic yard containers which can be sited in most parts of the UK. These can be filled whilst our drivers wait or alternatively left on site for customers with regular and ongoing supplies of HDPE utility pipe. Once full, the containers can be collected by our haulage partners or exchanged for an empty container.
Collection Option 2: For waste management & collection sites, we can provide walking floor trailers for the collection of this material. This is suitable for customers with larger volumes of HDPE pipe and those which have access to the required loading equipment.
Collection Option 3: Smaller and more flexible pieces of HDPE pipe and can be baled before onwards transportation. We can collect bales of this material all over the UK, subject to minimum weight requirements and loading capabilities. Plastic Expert can also facilitate the supply of baling equipment for customers who have ongoing volumes of rigid plastic.

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The Benefits Of HDPE Recycling For Businesses

By repurposing these durable and versatile pipes, companies can significantly reduce their environmental impact while simultaneously cutting costs on raw materials. The recycling process of HDPE pipes promotes a circular economy, allowing businesses to conserve resources and minimise waste. In addition, using recycled HDPE pipes can improve a company’s reputation as a sustainable and environmentally responsible organisation.

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High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Recycling Service In The UK

If you have HDPE plastic recycling in the form of pipes to recycle, get in touch with our team. We can collect the HDPE waste at a time that suits you and repurpose them into new products. We also specialise in recycling a wide range of other plastic waste. This makes us the perfect solution to managing all of your plastic materials.

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