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Call us TODAY to discuss uPVC Scrap prices Scrap uPVC door & window frames. Our company deals with several hundred tonnes per month of scrap uPVC door and window frames. Much of the material is bulked and re-sized before onwards transport to our factory customers. We offer a collected and delivered in service depending on the location of material. Typically the material is moved in roll on/off containers, bulkers and walking floor trailers. 

How our uPVC recycling process works

Once the scrap uPVC door and window frames have arrived at the processing facility, they’re inspected for levels of contamination. Providing the quality of materials is sufficient, the scrap uPVC frames are loaded into a shredder. Large pieces of steel are them removed by overhead magnets which is the first stage in separating the uPVC plastic from contaminants such as metal & rubber. Whilst metal is very recyclable, this cannot be used in the uPVC recycling process. 

Other separation techniques are used to remove other metals such as zinc, brass and aluminium whilst state of the art colour sorting devices remove the black rubber materials. Eventually, the recycling process leaves a uPVC shred which is then reduced further in size to create a granule. 

What happens to the recycled material?

The recycled uPVC material ends up back in new uPVC window & doors but can also be used to make downpipe and guttering. uPVC material can be recycled multiple times depending on its use, there are significant environmental and cost benefits to using recycled uPVC compared to virgin material. Plastic Expert ensures all materials recovered are processed in the most environmentally efficient manner, also taking into account the transport efficiencies to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire operation. 

What We Bulk Purchase

  • PVC Recycling

    We can collect & recycle most types of PVC guttering & downpipe proving the material is baled before collection.

  • Packaging Recycling

    Various types of plastic packaging can be recycled through our company including shrink wrap.

  • HDPE Canisters

    We can collect triple rinsed & baled HDPE canisters/bottles along with other materials.

  • Cardboard Recycling

    Redundant cardboard can be collected in bales, minimum weight applies, depending on the location.

  • Piping & irrigation material

    HDPE & LDPE piping material can be collected in bales or bulker loads depending in on the weight.

  • Rigid Plastic Recycling

    We recycle most types of rigid plastic material such as HDPE & PP providing the material is baled.

How it works

  • 1
    Call or email us

    Please provide our team with some information about the types of material your company is looking to dispose of. We require photos and approximate volumes/weight to assess to the commercial aspect of each collection.

  • 2
    Dedicated point of contact

    One of our team will be in contact to discuss options and pricing, we can also provide an entire range of compaction/baling equipment if required.

  • 3
    Collection of material

    Once we've agreed on pricing, a dedicated account manager will deal with the collection of material and necessary paperwork to ensure environmental compliance.

  • 4
    Post collection paperwork

    After the collection, your company will receive weight confirmaton and corresponding invoices/purchase order. We'll also provide a recycling report and ongoing support.

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