No matter what your business does or who it serves, to be successful in this digitally advanced age, you need to also demonstrate a commitment to ethics and the greater good. That means paying your team a living wage, treating customers (even difficult ones) with respect, supporting your local community and charitable causes. And it means taking care of your business waste.

We live in an age where no matter who your target audience is, they likely have at least one social media account. And that means they probably see images and statistics every day that remind them how fragile the planet we share is. From viral posts by charities like GreenPeace to documentaries like A Plastic Planet, your customers are more aware than ever before of the difference that businesses and consumers can make to the environment, especially when it comes to dealing with plastic waste sustainably.

There is more to Recycling than Plastic Bottles

When we think of plastic recycling, we tend to think mostly about plastic bottles. And while these make up a substantial portion of the non-domestic waste that we help to recycle, plastic recycling is a much broader issue.

As a leading recycling specialist in the UK, uPVC recycling is a big part of our business model here at Plastic Expert. And while this strong and reliable form of plastic is not always recycled by local authorities, we can help you to dispose of your material safely and sustainably. We will even pay you for the privilege! At Plastic Expert, we work with businesses and organizations across the UK, helping them maintain their green credentials while at the same time disposing of unwanted and waste uPVC material.

Recycle your old UPVC Windows and Doors with Us

If you are in the construction or renovation industry, it is likely that your company generates a substantial quantity of uPVC waste, like window and door frames. UPVC or ‘unplasticized polyvinyl chloride’ has been a staple of modern construction since the 1980s. At this time, window and door manufacturers nationwide noted the material advantages that this plastic had over alternatives like wood and aluminium. It can be moulded to fit practically any window or door shape at low cost, making new windows and doors appealingly affordable and cost-effective for customers. uPVC is also an effective insulator of homes, when compared to more traditional materials, and helps to prevent the build-up of condensation on the interior.

Yet, while uPVC has been enthusiastically embraced by the construction industry for decades, it has led to a significant waste issue. And this is where we come in! We offer environmentally friendly alternatives to landfill.

If installing new uPVC windows and doors is your stock in trade, you know that disposing of the old ones can be problematic. But that doesn’t mean that they have to go into landfill waste where they can damage the surrounding marine, bird and plant life.

Thanks to our effective and efficient recycling process and service, you no longer have to arrange disposal of your uPVC with a waste disposal company: we can recycle all your waste for you. Saving you money while helping to save the planet.

uPVC plastic waste

How does uPVC Window Recycling work?

As with all of the plastic recycling services we offer, we first need to carry out an inspection. This is to ensure that the price we offer you to recycle your old uPVC windows and doors is fair and accurate. To start the process, we need you to take 2-15 good quality photos of the load for us.

Once this has been carried out, a dedicated account manager will be in touch with you to arrange an on-site material inspection. Once this has taken place we will be able to confirm an accurate buying price. There are numerous factors that may impact the price of material including market prices, loading weights, volumes, material quality and the sorting/picking process required.

Your old UPVC windows are then taken away and ground down into flakes. These are then carefully sorted and any non-uPVC impurities are filtered out. These pure uPVC granules are then melted down to create uPVC pellets.

Once recycled, these uPVC pellets can be either mixed with a virgin polymer to create window profiles that will last a lifetime. Recycled uPVC windows have all the strength and insulation capacity that you’d expect from virgin uPVC windows. Or any other product made from uPVC. That is the beauty of recycling. The possibilities are endless!

How can your Business Benefit from Recycling old uPVC Windows?

When you recycle old uPVC windows with us, you are not only looking after the environment but you are also helping your business.

You are demonstrating your commitment to operating in an environmentally ethical and sustainable way. You are helping your customers to make better use of their old windows and reduce their carbon footprint. And what’s more, because we pay to recycle your old uPVC windows, not only can you make substantial savings on waste disposal, it can even become a potential revenue stream for you.


National Reach, Local Quality

At Plastic Expert, we strive to deliver the personal service and quality care you would expect from an established local business, but with a national reach. We recycle uPVC waste across the majority of the UK, including major urban centres. We recycle hundreds of tonnes of uPVC every month, helping you to keep all of your plastic waste out of landfills.

Our state-of-the-art recycling facilities can bulk recycle practically any uPVC product. We specialize not only in plastic window recycling but also other uPVC products, including conservatories. You can trust us to provide you with a bespoke, high-quality recycling service wherever or whenever you need it.

Let’s work together for a greener future, get in touch with us today!