Recycling Cardboard and Paper

Recycling Cardboard and Paper

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When it comes to reducing waste within your business, the first place to look is in your waste paper basket. The second place is your storeroom or warehouse, as plenty of recyclable paper and cardboard can also be found there. And once you’ve collected all this waste together, you might find the amount is truly overwhelming. 

But instead of simply throwing all of this waste product out, it’s best to think about setting up a proper recycling process. Why? Because waste management is imperative for a business like yours; here’s everything you need to know about the importance of recycling cardboard and paper.

Why You Need to Recycle Cardboard and Paper Waste

It’s important for a business like yours to recycle your cardboard waste simply because you’re going to gain cost and environmental savings. It’s a good way to bolster your environmental protection plan, as what you throw away won’t reach landfill, as well as deal with your paper waste and cardboard in a productive manner. Cardboard recycled can then be reintroduced back into the market and save raw materials in production.

Similarly, it’s a good way to enable your company’s good reputation. A business that recycles is one that clearly cares about the local community, and ‘green’ considerations are at the forefront of shopping habits in the modern era. Showcasing your own sustainability can bring loyal, repeat custom your way. 

Equipment That Can Help You Meet Your Cardboard And Paper Recycling Goals

Whether you decide to work with a recycling company or not, there are many pieces of equipment that can help you to manage your cardboard waste. As a waste management company ourselves, we work with such equipment day in and day out. Here are two of the most crucial to the overall recycling process: 

Waste Baler For Cardboard

Installing a cardboard baler is a brilliant way to reduce the size of the waste and reduce uplift costs. Most cardboard can be fed into this machine, such as pizza boxes, cardboard boxes, and various types of corrugated cardboard. Simply ensure the material is not contaminated with things like food and other non-cardboard or paper entities.

The cost benefits of installing a baler can be quite significant depending on the volume of waste materials. We have a range of cardboard balers available for hire, rent our outright purchase depending on your business requirements. These balers can make bales of anywhere between 60kg and 500kg, the heavier the balers, the more weight can be loaded on to one of our vehicles for collection.

Waste Compactor For Cardboard

Waste compactors can be used for primarily size reduction of cardboard and paper waste. These compactors come in a variety of different forms including our popular wheelie bin compactor. These are ideal for small volumes of cardboard waste which may not warrant the purchase or hire of a waste baler.

Once the cardboard is compacted, it can be taken to a local waste management centre, here the waste material will be sorted using a mechanical process. The waste cardboard is then sorted and baled, using a fully automatic mill size baler. These can produce vast numbers of 500kg plus cardboard bales ready to be transported to a paper mill. Once the large mill size bales arrive at the paper mill, they’re checked for quality before going through the recycling process.

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