'Your outfit looks rubbish'

'Well, it is rubbish!'.

recycled materials

Students at Krakow's School of Art and Fashion strolled down the catwalk in outfits made from recycled materials this weekend to conclude the 'Eko Fashion Weekend'.

The outfits, made from all sorts of recycled materials, were designed and produced by first year students, who stated that 'fashion can be created literally from anything'. Despite being made from rubbish, we think the dresses look fantastic, kudos to the designers! A spokesperson for the school also said 'You jut have to use your imagination and ingenuity. The re-use of paper is not only intended to highlight ecological matters, but also to let the imagination of young artists run wild'. Some of the dresses were made from materials including cardboard toilet roll tubes, plastic tiling, recycled cotton and weaved straw. Using waste materials for innovative project like this shows that recycling and resourceful behaviour is becoming popular and mainstream. Highlighting the need for a more efficient attitude to the use of natural materials is becoming an important topic of discussion. Would you wear clothes made from recycled materials? Tweet us at @PlasticExpertUK Other: Check out this brilliant recycled fashion start-up based in the UK, What Daisy Did Check out this Elephant Themed Recycled Bag company with a mission! Check out this US business making their clothing from 100% recycled plastic!