Lidl’s New Recycling Scheme

Lidl’s New Recycling Scheme

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The Innovative Recycling Scheme

Lidl’s new recycling scheme has been announced in Scotland where you can get up to £2.50 for your empties! The return scheme has been put in place for the return of bottles and cans, allowing the public to make money whilst boosting recycling rates. The system has been included at Lidl supermarkets in Hamilton, Edinburgh Granton, Glasgow Yoker, and Dundee City Centre, with the target to have the deposit scheme nationwide by 2022.

How Will The Recycling Scheme Work?

When using the recycling point, you can simply pop your waste through the recycling unit in which you will be awarded £2.50 off your Lidl shop. You are able to bring up to 25 glass, tin or plastic drink containers from 50ml to 3L, such as water bottles, wine bottles, soda bottles and other aluminium cans. For each item that you recycle, you will get 10 pence off your shop. Lidl is known to already boast an award-winning recycling and waste management programme: achieving zero waste to landfill and ensuring half of its packaging is made from recycled materials by 2025.

The Importance Of Recycling

Packaging is essential in everyday life; however, consumers sometimes overlook the importance of recycling these mostly single-use items. When packaging is not recycled, it ends up in a landfill, where harmful greenhouse gases are released from the materials whilst they decompose… Taking up to 450 years for some materials! Often when transported to landfill sites, rubbish can find itself blown off into our environments, such as the ocean. Here, marine wildlife can be killed due to mistaking debris for food or suffocating on materials, and microplastics often will remain in our waters from being very difficult to identify. By using systems such as Lidl’s new recycling scheme, we can stop vast amounts of energy from creating raw materials and preserve natural resources for future generations: helping tackle pollution, climate change, and further damage to the planet.

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